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.wizard .button:active {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: 1px solid;
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ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-roman;}
ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:decimal;}
ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-alpha;}
ol ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-roman;}
ol ol ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:decimal;}

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.tiddlyLinkNonExisting {font-style:italic;}

/* the 'a' is required for IE, otherwise it renders the whole tiddler in bold */
a.tiddlyLinkNonExisting.shadow {font-weight:bold;}

#mainMenu .tiddlyLinkExisting,
	#mainMenu .tiddlyLinkNonExisting,
	#sidebarTabs .tiddlyLinkNonExisting {font-weight:normal; font-style:normal;}
#sidebarTabs .tiddlyLinkExisting {font-weight:bold; font-style:normal;}

.header {position:relative;}
.header a:hover {background:transparent;}
.headerShadow {position:relative; padding:4.5em 0em 1em 1em; left:-1px; top:-1px;}
.headerForeground {position:absolute; padding:4.5em 0em 1em 1em; left:0px; top:0px;}

.siteTitle {font-size:3em;}
.siteSubtitle {font-size:1.2em;}

#mainMenu {position:absolute; left:0; width:10em; text-align:right; line-height:1.6em; padding:1.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0.5em; font-size:1.1em;}

#sidebar {position:absolute; right:3px; width:16em; font-size:.9em;}
#sidebarOptions {padding-top:0.3em;}
#sidebarOptions a {margin:0em 0.2em; padding:0.2em 0.3em; display:block;}
#sidebarOptions input {margin:0.4em 0.5em;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {margin-left:1em; padding:0.5em; font-size:.85em;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a {font-weight:bold; display:inline; padding:0;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel input {margin:0 0 .3em 0;}
#sidebarTabs .tabContents {width:15em; overflow:hidden;}

.wizard {padding:0.1em 1em 0em 2em;}
.wizard h1 {font-size:2em; font-weight:bold; background:none; padding:0em 0em 0em 0em; margin:0.4em 0em 0.2em 0em;}
.wizard h2 {font-size:1.2em; font-weight:bold; background:none; padding:0em 0em 0em 0em; margin:0.4em 0em 0.2em 0em;}
.wizardStep {padding:1em 1em 1em 1em;}
.wizard .button {margin:0.5em 0em 0em 0em; font-size:1.2em;}
.wizardFooter {padding:0.8em 0.4em 0.8em 0em;}
.wizardFooter .status {padding:0em 0.4em 0em 0.4em; margin-left:1em;}
.wizard .button {padding:0.1em 0.2em 0.1em 0.2em;}

#messageArea {position:fixed; top:2em; right:0em; margin:0.5em; padding:0.5em; z-index:2000; _position:absolute;}
.messageToolbar {display:block; text-align:right; padding:0.2em 0.2em 0.2em 0.2em;}
#messageArea a {text-decoration:underline;}

.tiddlerPopupButton {padding:0.2em 0.2em 0.2em 0.2em;}
.popupTiddler {position: absolute; z-index:300; padding:1em 1em 1em 1em; margin:0;}

.popup {position:absolute; z-index:300; font-size:.9em; padding:0; list-style:none; margin:0;}
.popup .popupMessage {padding:0.4em;}
.popup hr {display:block; height:1px; width:auto; padding:0; margin:0.2em 0em;}
.popup li.disabled {padding:0.4em;}
.popup li a {display:block; padding:0.4em; font-weight:normal; cursor:pointer;}
.listBreak {font-size:1px; line-height:1px;}
.listBreak div {margin:2px 0;}

.tabset {padding:1em 0em 0em 0.5em;}
.tab {margin:0em 0em 0em 0.25em; padding:2px;}
.tabContents {padding:0.5em;}
.tabContents ul, .tabContents ol {margin:0; padding:0;}
.txtMainTab .tabContents li {list-style:none;}
.tabContents li.listLink { margin-left:.75em;}

#contentWrapper {display:block;}
#splashScreen {display:none;}

#displayArea {margin:1em 17em 0em 14em;}

.toolbar {text-align:right; font-size:.9em;}

.tiddler {padding:1em 1em 0em 1em;}

.missing .viewer,.missing .title {font-style:italic;}

.title {font-size:1.6em; font-weight:bold;}

.missing .subtitle {display:none;}
.subtitle {font-size:1.1em;}

.tiddler .button {padding:0.2em 0.4em;}

.tagging {margin:0.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0; float:left; display:none;}
.isTag .tagging {display:block;}
.tagged {margin:0.5em; float:right;}
.tagging, .tagged {font-size:0.9em; padding:0.25em;}
.tagging ul, .tagged ul {list-style:none; margin:0.25em; padding:0;}
.tagClear {clear:both;}

.footer {font-size:.9em;}
.footer li {display:inline;}

.annotation {padding:0.5em; margin:0.5em;}

* html .viewer pre {width:99%; padding:0 0 1em 0;}
.viewer {line-height:1.4em; padding-top:0.5em;}
.viewer .button {margin:0em 0.25em; padding:0em 0.25em;}
.viewer blockquote {line-height:1.5em; padding-left:0.8em;margin-left:2.5em;}
.viewer ul, .viewer ol {margin-left:0.5em; padding-left:1.5em;}

.viewer table, table.twtable {border-collapse:collapse; margin:0.8em 1.0em;}
.viewer th, .viewer td, .viewer tr,.viewer caption,.twtable th, .twtable td, .twtable tr,.twtable caption {padding:3px;}
table.listView {font-size:0.85em; margin:0.8em 1.0em;}
table.listView th, table.listView td, table.listView tr {padding:0px 3px 0px 3px;}

.viewer pre {padding:0.5em; margin-left:0.5em; font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em; overflow:auto;}
.viewer code {font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em;}

.editor {font-size:1.1em;}
.editor input, .editor textarea {display:block; width:100%; font:inherit;}
.editorFooter {padding:0.25em 0em; font-size:.9em;}
.editorFooter .button {padding-top:0px; padding-bottom:0px;}

.fieldsetFix {border:0; padding:0; margin:1px 0px 1px 0px;}

.sparkline {line-height:1em;}
.sparktick {outline:0;}

.zoomer {font-size:1.1em; position:absolute; overflow:hidden;}
.zoomer div {padding:1em;}

* html #backstage {width:99%;}
* html #backstageArea {width:99%;}
#backstageArea {display:none; position:relative; overflow: hidden; z-index:150; padding:0.3em 0.5em 0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageToolbar {position:relative;}
#backstageArea a {font-weight:bold; margin-left:0.5em; padding:0.3em 0.5em 0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageButton {display:none; position:absolute; z-index:175; top:0em; right:0em;}
#backstageButton a {padding:0.1em 0.4em 0.1em 0.4em; margin:0.1em 0.1em 0.1em 0.1em;}
#backstage {position:relative; width:100%; z-index:50;}
#backstagePanel {display:none; z-index:100; position:absolute; margin:0em 3em 0em 3em; padding:1em 1em 1em 1em;}
.backstagePanelFooter {padding-top:0.2em; float:right;}
.backstagePanelFooter a {padding:0.2em 0.4em 0.2em 0.4em;}
#backstageCloak {display:none; z-index:20; position:absolute; width:100%; height:100px;}

.whenBackstage {display:none;}
.backstageVisible .whenBackstage {display:block;}
StyleSheet for use when a translation requires any css style changes.
This StyleSheet can be used directly by languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean which need larger font sizes.
body {font-size:0.8em;}
#sidebarOptions {font-size:1.05em;}
#sidebarOptions a {font-style:normal;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {font-size:0.95em;}
.subtitle {font-size:0.8em;}
.viewer table.listView {font-size:0.95em;}
@media print {
#mainMenu, #sidebar, #messageArea, .toolbar, #backstageButton, #backstageArea {display: none ! important;}
#displayArea {margin: 1em 1em 0em 1em;}
/* Fixes a feature in Firefox where print preview displays the noscript content */
noscript {display:none;}
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A Klingon War Axe and Pike composed of a long haft and half of a Bat’leth
Klingon word for engineer.
[[Angus, Rafe]]
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] – Accuser in first trial by Miral Torres in [[Universe Beta]]
a blue planet in the yellow star system of Ab'Liev owned by Baron Tulek of House Qua'lon
An affectionate designation for [[Kathryn Janeway|Janeway, Kathryn]]. It refers to her tendency to jump into action or the middle of the fray whenever possible.
''Origin:'' Vulcan.
''Meaning:'' husband.
''Derivation:'' unknown.
''Usage notes:'' gender specific term for a male spouse. Used by T'Pel with Tuvok. Female equivalent is [[Aduna]].
''Origin:'' Vulcan.
''Meaning:'' wife.
''Derivation:'' unknown.
''Usage notes:'' gender specific term for female spouse. As an endearment often proceeded by the possessive 'sai' (my) to become sai aduna. Male equivalent is [[Adun]]. Commonly used by Asil to Deanna, and between T'Pel and Lady Seven or Lwaxana Troi.

Clan Star Fists

[[Universe Alpha]]

Counselor on [[Voyager]], [[Truth Seeker]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Zakeeri]] – [[Living Ship]] Space Station – Watches over [[Voyager's Rest]].
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] – Son of Worf – Member of House Martok. Resides: Universe Beta – Beta Quadrant – On a Scout ship [[IKS Tabor]].
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Ensign – Resides on [[Voyager]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Kazon]] – [[Voyager’s Marines]] – [[Member of House Presba]] - Resides on [[Voyager]]
Matriarchs of House Presba (also Mates of each other)
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Ensign, Captain’s Assistant – Resides on [[Voyager]]
Originating from Andoria – They have distinctive antennae, are a warrior culture and are blue skinned with white hair. It is thought they might be of a plant or insect origination. – Bipedal, omnivorous
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Assistant to Captain, then Assistant to [[Neelix]] – Resides on [[Voyager]]
When the crew of Voyager speak of The Anomaly, they are referring to an event during the Maze of Mines that sparked hormonal urges in a fierce and primal way.  Many of the crew were mated in that particular event.
An Andorian business based in the Beta Quadrant and open for investing. (Both Universes)
Captain by [[Maqam]] of the Beta Universe
[[Book Covers]]
[[Drawings and Paintings]]
Many times great grandfather of Miral who fought in Kahless' army and possibly at Kahless' side.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Vulcan]] Original Presban – Beta of House Presba – Appointed as Overseer of House Affairs in Beta/Alpha Quadrants of Universe Alpha, until Book 4 – Resides in Universe Alpha: Beta Quadrant: Planet [[Presba]] until Book 4. Resides on [[Voyager]] after book 4 – Mate of Deanna Troi

[[Universe Beta]]; [[Vulcan]] - Lieutenant, Presban Marine. 
This department acts as a central location for stellar cartography and evaluation station  of spatial and unique phenomena. 
 [[Universe Alpha]]; [[Klingon]] – Renunciate of House Qua’lon (Enemy) – Daughter of [[House Presba]] – Adopted Daughter of [[Asil]] (and Deanna) – Resides: Universe Alpha – Beta System – [[Presba]]
[[Bev, Natal]]
[[Brahms, Leah]] 
[[Brooks, Carmelo]]
A planet in the B'hava'el System. Claim to fame – A stable wormhole, which houses their Deity – the Prophets – and provides a pipeline straight to the Gamma Quadrant. Also the name of a whole sector in the Beta Universe. 
Originating from [[Bajor]] –  Bipedal, mammal, omnivorous, multihued.  Distinctive feature: Ridges in sensitive locations and on the bridge of the nose. Similar in nature to Humans
[[Universe Gamma]]; [[Human]] - Ensign, Engineering - [[Universe Gamma]] [[Voyager]] (later Val Jean)
''Origin:'' Klingon
''Meaning:'' one who is loved.
''Derivation:'' compound word combining the Klingon word for love (bang) with the suffix for one who, or person (wI).
''Usage notes:'' gender neutral form of endearment.

An incredible battled that [[Belle Torres|Torres, Belle]] won. It is popularized in song and story.
[[Luas Troi|Troi, Luas]] defeated another Betazoid, Ben Naya, in a battle of Honor for one of the sacred objects of the Troi household. It was a knife fight that got very dirty, very fast until Luas forced the knife back on Ben.
A famous battle where communications failure led to unnecessary, but heroic deaths. The peace treaty had been negotiated, but the communications system was down. The other side were unaware of the treaty and assailed his estate. The battle raged for three days and [[K’tam]] and his people fought to the last one standing.
Klingon curved sword – shaped like a half moon with sharp edge on the concave side and hand grips on the convex side.
''Origin:'' Klingon.
''Meaning:'' wife.
''Derivation:'' from the Klingon word for woman (be') with word for mate (nal)
''Usage notes:'' gender specific. Often used as an honourific, rather than as a common noun.
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] – Member of House Setash (Deceased)
Secondary Authority of House Presba (Asil/Deanna are mates of each other, Phoebe/Vrald are mates of each other, Belle/Annika are mates of each other)
Planet of origin for Betazoids
Originating from Betazed – Bipedal, mammal, omnivorous, multihued.  Distinctive feature: Telepathic, Eyes are single color, obsidian. Culture is a matriarchy
A child mixed heritage born to a [[Betazoid]] and a [[Human]] parents.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Bajoran]] – Medical Staff (Assistant) – Resides on [[Voyager]]
Romulan Fruit (oranges)
Klingon word for Wife/Mate
A sensory altering drink (fermented) inducing drunk-like after effects
A photonic weapon that does terrible damage to those hit by its bolts.
Klingon concept of Mated Bond
Someone transformed into a Presban by a genetic exchange and common bond – usually through blood (Does not affect Everyone… random blood exchange will not change someone into a Presban). Requires Intention to work, usually accompanied by a family Oath.
A front [[bookcover|bookcover1]] of Reflections

A back [[bookcover|bookcover2]] of Reflections
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Ensign, Security/Marines of Voyager – Very Big, Muscular, Intimidating young men of stature - [[Member of House Presba]] – Resides on [[Voyager]] (Ensign Booker joins [[Voyager’s Marines]] in Book 2)
Small knife jacketed in a sleeve in the boot, required armament for all adults on Voyager.
(Universal Variant Unknown) – [[Klingon]], does not have crown of ridges – Ensign, [[Voyager’s Marines]] – [[Member of House Presba]] – Resides on [[Voyager]].
he monastery is one of the Klingon's most sacred sites and set in high, snow-topped mountains on the Planet Boreth.
A collective of species united by cybernetics, nannites, nanoprobes and technological infusion into their biology. They function as a group mind, guided by a Queen figure.  Those who are raised in the collective consider themselves Borg (as a species) always – generally helped by the fact that they can never be completely non-cybernetic. Those who are gathered into the collective and then rescued consider themselves to be of their original species and may experience a sense of duality if they must live with cybernetic enhancements.  

[[Universe Alpha]] Borg will tend to absorb their conquests into the collective. If they miss some, oh well. They may have use for them later or the culture may develop a new distinctiveness which will make them valuable at a later date.  It could be seen as a type of “harvesting.” [[Universe Beta]] Borg will absorb as many as they think they need then destroy the rest as redundant.

The secret that most recovered Borg, (even those who have mostly recovered from the technological invasion) won't tell is that when the Borg come near they can still "feel" "hear" them on some level.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Genius – Resides on [[Voyager]]
Four armed, golden skinned, very big – usually good natured – But when they’re bad natured, watch out.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Director of Holo-vids and Klingon Operas – Resides: Universe Alpha – Beta Quadrant – [[Presba]]
A once technologically advanced Delta Quadrant species, they had the Borg designation of species 2461. The Brunali were skilled geneticists and agriculturalists. A very scientific people, they designed a virus to destroy the [[Borg]], choosing to sacrifice a child, [[Icheb|Hansen, Icheb]], as the delivery mechanism for the pathogen.
An economy, any kind of economy requires means of production and commerce. Business fills the function. Some better than others.

An honest [[cartel|Cartels]] may hold several companies in its charter. A Not-so-Honest cartel may also hold several companies in its charter. The companies may even be legitimate, which is what makes things sticky sometimes.

[[Arconaea Industries]]
[[Winn Aerotech]] 
[[Winn Biosoft]] 
[[Winn Unicorp]]
A non-sensory altering drink, iced (possibly involving ice cream if the kids earn it.)
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] – Daughter of House Duras – Very Honorable – Resides on [[Voyager]]
[[Capel, Red]]
[[Capel, Shar]]
[[Capel, Yun]] 
[[Celes, Tal]]
[[Corvalis, Nuala]] 
[[Crusher, Beverly]] 
[[Cudan, Doine]] 
Prison Planet for Federation/Starfleet.
A Human female, Kathy "Red" Capel is a member of the Orion Syndicate, and controls the Capel family interests in the Syndicate. Current spouse is the Cardassian food critic, [[Shar Capel|Capel, Shar]], [[Yun Capel|Capel, Yun]] is her nephew by marriage. Her origins are unknown.
A Cardassian food critic in [[Universe Beta]]. His nephew is [[Yun Capel|Capel, Yun]], and he is currently married to [[Red Capel|Capel, Red]]. Though his home is on [[Cardassia Prime]], he travels frequently and is rarely at home.
(Universal Variant Unknown); [[Cardassian]] – Orion Syndicate – Resides [[Universe Beta]] Book 2 & 3 – The Yuns are the current heads of the Orion Syndicate in both the Alpha and Beta Universes. No one is quite sure how they managed that.
Persons who assist the captain of a vessel in a more official capacity, aiding with paperwork and other details. Only the head of the CA department is part of the command staff.
Cardassia Prime is the main planet in the Cardassian System, which is located in the Alpha Quadrant.
Originating from Cardassia. Pale skinned humanoids, with lizard-like ridges along the sides of their neck and features. Most know them as a warlike, treacherous race, but they started out like all the others and originally had a greatly spiritual background. In [[Universe Beta]] they are so caught up in internal strife that the troublemaking has been (to all outside appearance) kept to a minimum. In [[Universe Alpha]] they are an active participant in the Quadrants' politics.
A cargo bay on Voyager that used to be the home of the Borg, until a new arrangement was made for the Hansen family. Now it’s just another Cargo Bay.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Ylfian]] – Child of a Ylfian family on board Voyager – [[Member of House Presba]] - Resides on [[Voyager]]
Orion Syndicate subunits, usually covering some portion of territory for themselves. Alliances form between Cartels, which extends power into several systems. Honest Cartels tend to run like ordinary businesses and provide legitimate contractual security, transportation and merchant services. Not-so-Honest Cartels do business through threats, coercion, contracts that result in death, and so on. They don’t tend to associate with each other. However, the whole of the Orion Syndicate is painted under the cloud of the results of the dis-honest cartels, which do outnumber the honest ones. Due to the current politics in Universe Beta, it’s likely that the Honest Cartels are going to split off from the others in an effort to distance themselves from the actions of the Pharaoh Cartel and their ally, the Atheldu Cartel. This could result in another trade war, which may ultimately involve the Klingon Empire (and possibly the House Presba). It is possible that Winn Adami may start off one of the Honest Cartels for Bajor out of fiscal necessity.


Clan: Sun Tiger

[[Universe Alpha]]

Family Friend to House Presba
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Bajoran]] – [[Astrometrics]], Science Officer Upgraded to Captain’s Assistant, then later became Assistant to [[Neelix]] – [[Member of House Presba]] - Resides on [[Voyager]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Commander, First Officer of Voyager (Books 1 & 2), Ambassador (Federation) - Resides on [[Voyager]] (Books 1, 2, 3) Resides [[Universe Beta]] (Books 4 & 5)
Inhabitants of the Gamma Quadrant, they are the ruling class over an Empire called the Dominion. They do not recognize other species as equal. They have no qualms at all about Genetic modifications if it serves their purposes. They are shape-shifters with a fluid-like physical base. They can take the shape of anyone or anything and mimic, to a certain degree. However, they do not bleed and there are other “evidence,” traces that distinguish them from the “real” thing.  They are xenophobic and empire builders.
These are the available charts for this wiki

[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Ensign, Security then [[Voyager’s Marines]] – Very Big, Muscular, Intimidating young man of stature - [[Members of House Presba]] – Resides on [[Voyager]] (Ensign Chase joins the Voyager's Marines in Book 2)
[[Universe Alpha]]; Unknown – [[Orion Syndicate]] Communications Officer.
A non-brightly plumed bird with a noisy, repetitive cry.
''Origin:'' Bajoran
''Meaning:'' beloved child.
''Derivation:'' unknown. The phoneme 'che' appears to roughly equivalent to sweet, or loved.
''Usage notes:'' used from adult to minor child.
''Origin:'' Bajoran.
''Meaning:'' sweet one, sweetheart. 
''Derivation:'' unknown.
''Usage notes:'' gender neutral, and used as a common term of affection in various forms of relationships.
A tasty, crunchy red vegetable originating on Bajor
[[Alpha of House Presba]]
[[Anomaly, The]]
[[Beta of House Presba]]
[[Blood Bond]]
[[Blood Presban]] 
[[Glory Dragon Riding Club (GDRC)]]
[[House Oath]]
[[Klingon Judges]]
[[Jeffries Tube]] 
[[Khitomer Accord]]
[[Living Ship]] 
[[Mated Presban]]
[[Member of House Presba]] 
[[Mistress of the House]]
[[Mom Words]]
[[Orion Syndicate]]
[[Original Presban]] 
[[Presban fingertalk (or) Fingerspeak]] 
[[Presba Tongue]]  
[[Prime of House Presba]] 
[[Reset]], the
[[Son/Daughter of House Presba]] 
[[Section 31]] 
[[Servant of the House Presba]]
[[Truth Seeker]] 
[[Zakeeri Bond]] 
Captained by Ezri Tigan of Universe Beta
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – [[Section 31]] Lieutenant – Resides on the [[USS Titan]]
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Orion]] – Ensign, Counselor – [[Member of House Presba]] – Assistant to Counselor Nael – Resides: Universe Beta – Alpha Quadrant - Betazed
[[Hissing Fits]]
[[Ktald's Biting Beetle]]
[[Larganian Sewer Rat]] 
[[Park Critters]]
[[Presban Chaser]] 
[[Tika cat]] 
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Chief Medical Officer, Enterprise E – Close friend of Deanna – Resides: [[USS Enterprise E]]
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Crypto.hexSha1Str = function(str)
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	return Array(h0,h1,h2,h3,h4);

[[Universe Beta]]; [[Betazoid]] – [[Truth Seeker]] – On Deanna’s Council – Resides: Universe Beta: Alpha Quadrant
[[Universe Gamma]]; [[Human]] - Ensign, Bridge Officer
[[Dax, Curzon]]
[[Dax, Ezri]]
[[Dax, Jadzia]]
[[Dax, Tobin]] 
[[Delaney, Jennifer]] 
[[Delaney, Megan]] 
Deep Space 9 is the space station that occupies Bajoran Space and guards the wormhole. It was originally dubbed Terok Nor and built by the Cardassians for the purposes of occupation in the Alpha Universe and political clout for Beta Universe. Also the title of a TV show - Star Trek: DS9
Dancing Hawk is a [[Zakeeri]] [[Living Ship]] of the Clan Painted Dogs.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Kutwutchu]] – Engineer, [[Voyager]] – Delta Quadrant Native - Resides on Voyager
Vampiric creatures that reside in the darkest parts of space and take advantage of complete sensory shut downs. Loathed by Zakeeri.
[[Universe Alpha]], Original Universal Variant Unknown; [[Orion]] – Ensign, Counselor – [[Voyager]]
Born 2018, Trillius Prime

Dax is one of the [[symbionts|Symbiont]] hosted by selected [[Trill]]. In [[Universe Alpha]], the Dax symbiont has had nine Hosts: Lela, [[Tobin|Dax, Tobin]], Audrid, Emony, Torias, Joran, [[Curzon|Dax, Curzon]], [[Jadzia|Dax, Jadzia]] and [[Ezri|Dax, Ezri]]. Dax, like other symbionts, has no specified gender.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Trill]], Joined. Deceased.

The seventh Host of the [[Dax]] [[symbiont|Symbiont]], Curzon Dax was enamoured of all things [[Klingon]], and was instrumental in negotiating the first [[Khitomer Accord]]. He was also fond of fun: during his [[zhian'tara|Zhian'tara]] he proceeded to get a previous Host, [[Tobin|Dax, Tobin]], drunk, and a heart-attack incurred while having 'fun' on [[Risa]] led to his death. He was succeeded as the [[Dax]] symbiont's Host by [[Jadzia Dax|Dax, Jadzia]].
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Trill]], Joined Trill. Original surname: Tigan. Born 2354 on New Sydney, Sappora System. Resides on [[Voyager]].

Ezri is the ninth Host of the [[Dax]] [[Symbiont]]. Trained as a Counselor, she changed to the command track after leaving [[DS9]].  Currently she serves aboard [[Voyager]] with the rank of Commander. She became a member of House Martok, Universe Alpha, while still serving aboard [[DS9]], when [[Martok]] deemed her a worthy successor to [[Jadzia|Dax, Jadzia]]. In her role as [[Voyager]]'s Commanding Officer, she is responsible for day to day mundane paper work, and the routine bits of being a Starship Captain, while Kathryn Janeway still gets to sit in the Big Chair, blow things up and generally be ActionKate. Affectionately known as Lady Chaos, the God of Chaos, or some version of Sprite.

Book 3:  First Officer of [[Voyager]],  
Book 4:  First Officer, then Acting Commanding Officer of [[Voyager]], [[Mated Presban]], [[Prime of House Presba]].
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Trill]],Joined – Deceased – Member of the House Martok – One of the Dax [[Symbiont]]’s Hosts. At one time married to Worf.

[[Universe Beta]]; [[Trill]],Joined – Merchant – Owns her own ship and is widely known to be adventurous and dangerous. – Resides on The [[Rogue Star]]. Mate of [[Kira Nerys]], [[Troi, Deanna]] ([[Truth Seeker]]), [[Tigan, Ezri]], (and one to be announced). [[Mated Presban]]. Member of both House Martok and [[House Presba]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Trill]], Joined – Deceased - One of the Dax [[Symbiont]]’s Hosts. First to utilize transporter and helped in developing the Khitomer Accord.
Originating from the Alpha Quadrant = Bipedal, mammal, omnivorous. Distinctive  Feature: Blue – as blue as Orions are green. Some prescience.

Clan Star Fists

[[Universe Alpha]]

Security on [[Voyager]], 
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Science Officer – [[Member of House Presba]] - Resides on [[Voyager]]. Gets along very well with her sister. Very, very well. One might even say intimately well. One might. But then Tom Paris would have to defend their honor. 

[[Universe Gamma]]; [[Human]] – Science Officer - Resides on Gamma Voyager, later [[USS Val Jean]], then transfered to [[Voyager]]. Has issues with her sister and a need for professional appreciation.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Science Officer – [[Member of House Presba]] - Resides on [[Voyager]]. Gets along very well with her sister. Very, very well. One might even say intimately well. One might. But then Tom Paris would have to defend their honor. 

[[Universe Gamma]]; [[Human]] – Science Officer - Resides on Gamma Voyager, later [[USS Val Jean]]. Has issues with her sister and open to suggestions on how to work that out.
This department handles diplomacy. Also called the DoD
Voyager has the usual departmental components of a Starfleet Intrepid Class vessel. They lost their original medical team at the beginning of their journey, so they went without an official medical department for seven years.  During that Seven Years, the Astrometrics Department was added to aid in Navigation through the foreign territory. During the eighth year, they made several other changes – including a Captain’s Assistance Department, Zakeeri Scouts, Klingon Scout Ships, Voyager’s Marines, Supply and Procurement, a Medical Department, a Counseling Department, Education, Department of Diplomancy with a Legal section.

[[Astrometrics]]: Headed by Seven of Nine – Lieutenants Jennifer and Megan Delaney (They are Stellar Cartographers and well qualified for the department).

[[Captain’s Assistant]]s: Headed by Lieutenant Ro Laren – Ensign Doyle, Ensign Anderson (Special Assistant – Naomi Wildman)

[[Zakeeri Scouts]] – Headed by Commander Sofuru – See Zakeeri Clans in People

[[Klingon Scouts]] – Headed by Commander Veckma – (Mek, is probably in the department, but there was no one specifically listed)

[[Voyager’s Marines]] (Fleet) – Headed by Commander Sarah Tucker (Books 3/4) Lieutenant Commander Asil (Books 4/5)

[[Supply and Procurement]] – Headed by Commander Steve Magnum – Neelix, and some unnamed others

Medical – Headed by Dr. Kate Pulaski – Dr. Zimmerman (E.M.H.), Dr. Dezhe, Ensign Hughes, Ensign Icheb Hansen, Crewman Bev Natal

Counseling Department – Headed by Priam Nael (Book 3), Headed by Shaman Orsas (Book 4 & 5), - Includes specialized service personnel (Shamans – Zakeeri and Orion, Body Specialists, Truth Seekers) (Note: Priam Nael has probably revolutionized how Counseling Departments are run and what they might be expected to do.) Counseling Department Intersects with the JAG department due to the Truth Seekers (and possible other needs for counseling)

Education – Headed by Niqua

[[Department of Diplomacy]] – Lwaxana Troi, T’Pel, Neelix

Legal – Headed by T’Pel – Intersects with Security and with the Counseling Department – is a subset of DoD

[[Special Envoy]] 
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[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Klingon]] – Medical Staff, Doctor - Resides on [[Voyager]]
A place for the words and phrases that aren't in Federation Standard (i.e. English).

''Note on etymologies:'' The words in this section are derived from a number of sources. Some are based on real world languages, such as Hebrew, or Romanian, while others are taken from the canon Tlignan Hol (Klingon Language). None are used with any intention to cause disrespect. In particular, many of the Trill endearments are  taken from Hebrew, or Spanish, and in some cases are a mixed derivation. 

''Clicking on the word will give you more detailed information about its meaning and its derivation.''

For Klingon words, capitalization of certain letters is significant. Thus 'wI is not the same as 'wi or 'WI.

!!!Terms of Endearment
[[Adun]]: husband. 
[[Aduna]]: wife.
[[Bang'wI]]: one who is loved.
[[Be'nal]]: wife.
[[Cheli]]: beloved child.
[[Chesei]]: sweetheart
[[Jalat]]: my dear.
[[Sibhean]]: sprite.
[[Tam'JonwI']]: stealthy engineer
[[Yakiri]]: precious one, lovely one.

!!!Titular Address

!!!Curses and Insults

Department of Diplomacy

[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Ensign, [[Captain’s Assistant]] – Resides on [[Voyager]]
Artwork relating to the story.

A [[painting|painting1]] of Kathryn Janeway

A [[painting|painting7]] of Kathryn Janeway after the Anomaly

A [[painting|painting2]] of Seven of Nine

A [[painting|painting3]] of Ezri Dax (in Starfleet Uniform)

A [[painting|painting4]] of Ezri Dax (in her adapted Voyager's Uniform)

A [[painting|painting5]] of B'Elanna Torres (Troi, Tigan etc) 

A [[painting|painting6]] of a Ylfian engineer.

[[Universe Alpha]], Original Universal Variant unknown; [[Klingon]], alternative species – [[Voyager’s Marines]] – Resides on [[Voyager]]
Originating from Dunkar – Beta Quadrant – Klingon Empire = Bipedal, mammal, omnivorous, Pearly almost sparkling skin, six fingered. Distinctive Feature: Peaceful farmers in a Klingon Empire.
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] – General Torres’ Chief Engineer
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Klingon]] – [[Presba]] – [[Member of House Presba]] 
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Orion]] – Assistant to [[Torres, Miral]] / [[Janeway, Gretchen]], [[Truth Seeker]]  – [[Member of House Presba]], Part of the [[Trust]]
Inhabitants of the Maze of Mine’s Star System. They are actually beings of light, but can disguise themselves as compatible species (hominids, etc.). They are beings of great power and use the Maze of Mine as a sort of game/trial to weed out the worthy – as they deem them.

Clan Glory Dragon

[[Universe Alpha]]
An ancient race of listeners. They are humanoid in appearance and easily mistaken for other species, most usually [[Human]]. 
A sensory altering drink (fermented) inducing drunk-like after effects
Space Station above Zakeer - a very popular waystation for myriad species
''Origin:'' Klingon loan word.
''Meaning:'' a person who is one's soul or life. Also means spirit or fair (as in appearance). It has no direct translation to Federation Standard since it espouses a Trill concept rather than a concrete meaning.
''Derivation:'' this is not a real Klingon word, it is a combination of a word meaning soul or life, with the Klingon diminutive 'wI meaning one who is. In the idiomatic sense it's used to mean the person who is, or has, my soul, but it a reflexive sense.
''Usage notes:'' Used by Ezri Dax as a term of endearment for B'Elanna. It is intended to convey the idea that Ezri feels that in B'Elanna she has found someone who reflects an important part of who she is, and who is a match for her.  See also [[Neshoma]].

Clan Star Fists

[[Universe Alpha]]

Counselor on [[Voyager]] - [[Truth Seeker]]
The final authority, big boss of a House. Correctly called Epatai or Lord (name here) – Usually part of a mated pair – Final arbiter of major decisions – Duties differ from that of the Mistress of the House

An estate on Ab’live Tertius, owned by Baron Tulek
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Brecon]] – Agent of the [[Orion Syndicate]] (deceased)
Originating from Ferengi – Large earlobed, scraggly-toothed merchant types, with a philosophy based on pure capitalism. Patriarchal culture and thought of as backwards by the Federation. Yet, they do bring fiscal savvy and bring in their own wisdom to the quadrant culture. Bipedal, omnivorous.
Large, furry, wrinkled snout, yellow eyed, Bipedal, mammal, omnivorous. Distinctive feature: Intimidating Size and Very Sharp Teeth. (Think Bearlike, but less pretty).
Furred six legged “dog,” with the usual teeth and claws, but also the ability to “spit fire,” in self defense. Originates from Presba.  Hov (Star) and Qul (Fire) are the Firedogs of House Presba. Hov resides with Phoebe and Vrald. Qul resides on Voyager.
The third planet of the Forcas system. 

In the Alpha Universe it is a breathtakingly pleasant M-Class planet, with a large farming community and other plentiful resources. It could be said that Forcas is one of Klingon's first successes in altering their pattern of consumption. Competitions are a major “export,” of Forcas III and competitors arrive from all over the Quadrants to participate.

In the Beta Universe Forcas III has suffered from the consumption patterns of its owners. It is almost the exact opposite of the Alpha Universe's planet in terms of "success." Though it's natural resources have not been completely depleted. 
Klingon snack food composed of live wriggly worm-like critters. Can be flavored by sauces and clever application of spices. But the live part tends to turn those with weak stomachs off.

[[Cardassian]]. Rescued from the tortures of the Romulan Oligarchy of Universe Variant 127. Garak, whose counterparts can be found in [[Universe Alpha]] and [[Universe Beta]], currently resides on Voyager.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Fesoon]]. Zakeeri Ally who tested Voyager's crew for honor.
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Dangerous Romulan beast.
Hotrodding travel club (usually Holodeck trips), also group who vie for the more dangerous away missions
This is the equivalent of a high class fine dining locale on Voyager. It is connected via a patio and other entrance points to The Park. It used to be Mess Hall 2.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] - Deceased, Ensign
Skin the shades of blue, almost a sparkling teal. Bipedal, with four arms and a colorful crest that runs from forehead to below the first set of shoulders. Avoids danger by playing dead.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Ktarian]] - Originally married to Wildman, Samantha and the father of Wildman, Naomi. He is missing, possibly remarried. Status Unknown
Klingon Hell
Suits designed for speed and agility and defense of Truth Seekers. These guys have the Heavy Weapons, but give up the ability to punch holes through walls.
[[Universe Alpha]] – (El-Aurian) – Guinan is always Where she needs to be. 
[[Hagan, Jonas]] 
[[Hansen, Annika]] 
[[Hansen, Azan]]
[[Hansen, Emina]] 
[[Hansen, Icheb]]
[[Hansen, Mezoti]] 
[[Hansen, Rebi]] 
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Betazoid]] – [[Truth Seeker]] – On Deanna’s Council – Resides: Universe Beta: Alpha Quadrant
Ancient building with equally ancient records (as well as current ones) of the Klingon Empire.
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Human]] – Scientist/Inventor - [[Mated Presban]], Mate of [[Belle Torres|Torres, Belle]] – [[Beta of House Presba]].

Annika Hansen is also the birth name of [[Seven of Nine]].

see [[Annika Torres|Torres, Annika]] 
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Wysanti]] Twin of Rebi – [[Original Presban]] – Son of House Presba – Resides on [[Voyager]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; (Unrevealed Race of Origin)  – [[Original Presban]] – Daughter of House Presba – Resides on [[Voyager]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Brunali]] - Ensign, Medical Officer – [[Original Presban]] – Son of House Presba – Resides on [[Voyager]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Norcadian]] – [[Original Presban]] – Daughter of House Presba – Resides on [[Voyager]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Wysanti]] Twin of Azan – [[Original Presban]] – Son of House Presba – Resides on [[Voyager]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] - Ensign, Astrometrics - Resides on [[Voyager]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Zakeeri]] – Ambassador – Mother of Sofuru – Resides: Universe Alpha – Delta Quadrant – [[Zakeer]]
Delta Quadrant Natives who embrace the Hunting lifestyle. All other life-forms are seen as inferior to theirs and theirs for the harvesting (as meals, slaves, and trophies).  In Universe Alpha, this attitude led to an eventual tribalization, as competition became too steep to support the aggressive hunts.  This has led to a sort of natural barrier in their success in the Universe. In Universe Beta, there may be a moderating influence somewhere (Unknown as yet), but the Hunt is still seen as a great drive and they have a Warp drive that is faster than the federations, but slower than the Borg’s. They also have a central government (to which species may appeal, if they live through the process) – and may be closer in “spirit,” to the Klingon/Zakeeri/ETC. However, they aren’t as nice as the Klingons or the Zakeeri and if they catch and kill you (before you can persuade them not to), they will eat you or mount you on a wall.
Brown / Multi-shaded “cat,” with the usual teeth and claws and a sonic attack. Very territorial and Pack oriented. Originates from Presba
Dangerous Insectoids, intelligent and xenophobic. Everyone else equals a meal to them as they do not recognize other intelligent species to be “life,” as they are life. Genocide or controlled populations may be the only way to protect other biological intelligent species from the Hive.  (May be Telepathic).
[[Universe Alpha]]; Unknown Race of Origin – Manservant to [[Troi, Lwaxana]] – Resides: Universe Alpha – Alpha Quadrant – [[Betazed]]
An oath taken and given to become a member of a Klingon House.  Each ceremony is a little different, depending on the purpose of the Oath.
House Presba was actually the House that Miral belonged to. B'Elanna Torres believed Miral to be dead and that she was the last surviving individual of her family line. During the crisis with the [[Zakeeri]], who form clan based units, it was decided that it might help in a diplomatic way if members of Voyager's crew could demonstrate that they too formed tightly formed units and families. One of the results was the re-establishment of the House Presba, with B'Elanna Torres as the Epatai. 

Things flowed from there.
[img[House Presba's Chart|http://bearblue.150m.com/library/fanfiction/stvoyagerfanfiction/b7/housepresba1a.jpg]]
Hereditary and adoptive alliances / status caste / nobility – House Range:  Minor, Small, Low Middle, Middle, High Middle, High, Major, Great – Houses may form alliances with each other for greater political and/or war strength. The more political, material, cultural and other influences (including House Size or the number of persons within the House and “fame”) a House gains, the more status is heaped upon it. The higher the status, the closer one gets to the higher seat of power, but even a Small House can own a planet. High Middle, High, Major and Great Houses have seats on the Klingon High Council. Planetary systems (and other awards) get awarded to Houses for extraordinary service to the Empire. However, from the perspective of some Klingons a House System earned through one’s own effort is worth more than one that is gifted.

The Epatai is addressed as the [[Lord of the House|Epatai]] or Epatai
The Mistress is addressed the [[Lady of the House|Mistress of the House]] or Mistress

!!Houses mentioned in the books:

House Bortath = Small House (Universe Alpha)

House Duras = Great House (Universe Beta) Small House (Universe Alpha)

House Kamarg = Small House (Universe Beta)

House Kor = Major House (Universe Alpha and Beta) (Smaller in Alpha than in Beta due to many deaths)

House Martok = Great House (Universe Alpha and Beta)

[[House Presba]] = Small House (Books 1-3), but actively growing (Universe Alpha and Beta)

House Qu'avan = High Middle House (Universe Alpha)

House Qua'lon = Small House (Universe Alpha), was a High Middle House, but got busted down due to bad behavior on the part of the Lord of the House.

House Setash = Small House (Universe Beta)

!!Zakeeri Clans

The following Zakeeri Clans - [[Universe Alpha]] on [[Voyager]]:

Clan Sun Tiger

Clan Glory Dragon

Clan Red Raptor

Clan Star Fists

Clan Shaman

Clan Painted Dogs 
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Ensign, Medical Staff (Medic) – Resides on [[Voyager]]
Originating from Terra aka Earth – Sol System – Bipedal, mammal, omnivorous, multihued, primate. Distinctive feature: Resourceful, curious, easily underestimated. Somewhere in the past Universe Alpha and Universe Beta split off from each other.  In Universe Alpha humans make the attempt to live in peace with other species as part of a collation of federated planets. In Universe Beta humans went the conquering route and then, in a twist, when their empire grew too big and too complacent, they were overthrown. Humans
A beast with little charm

Ship was destroyed by the Orion Syndicate, but its people rescued by Voyager
Captained by Kyev – Stationed at Presba
Captain Al’xandr’s Scout ship in Universe Beta
General Martok’s ship (Universe Beta)
General Belle Torres’ ship in Universe Beta
[[Universe Beta]] - [[Member of House Presba]] – Counselor on Voyager, Special Services/ [[Truth Seeker]] - Orion Matriarch – Resides on [[Voyager]]

Clan Red Raptor

[[Universe Alpha]]
''Usage notes:''
[[Janeway, Kathryn]] 
[[Janeway, Gretchen]]
[[Janeway, Phoebe]]
[[Janeway, Vrald]] 
[[Jenson, Elizabeth]] 
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Ensign– Resides on [[Voyager]]
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Andorian]] – Lied at one of Miral’s trials. Oops. 
One of the major cities and historical sites on Bajor.
''Usage notes:''
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] [[Original Presban]], Mother of [[Janeway, Kathryn]] and [[Janeway, Phoebe]] – Legal Counsel [[Klingon Empire]], Mathematician – Resides in [[Universe Beta]] – Mate of [[Torres, Miral]]
[[Human]], Born 20 May 2336.
!!![[Universe Alpha]]
In this universe, Kathryn Janeway's experiences are split between two timelines. In her first, she was the Captain of the USS [[Voyager]] when it was lost in the Delta Quadrant. She successfully brought her crew home and was promoted to the rank of admiral. In 2404, burdened by accumulated losses, she contrived to return to the past in an attempt to return [[Voyager]] home earlier than she had originally. Though she succeeded in her attempt, sacrificing herself to the Borg Queen in the process, her interference had unintended consequences. After realizing the impact of her decision, and with intercession of [[Kahless]], the timeline was [[reset|Reset]] to approximately Stardate 54100.0, 2377. Kathryn, however, retained her memories of her previous lifetime, and with her second chance determined to try doing things a little differently.

She is now a Commodore in Starfleet [[Universe Alpha]] and a Warlord of the House Presba in both the Alpha Universe and [[Universe Beta]], [[Prime of House Presba]]. [[Original Presban]].
!!![[Universe Gamma]] 
In this universe (variant 752), Captain Kathryn Janeway was also drawn into the Delta Quadrant after trying to capture the Maquis ship the Val Jean. Due to differences in route and crew, they also traveled along their route at a different pace than the alpha Universe version of [[Voyager]]. These changes altered some of the events experienced by the crew. She is first encountered in Book 4: Reflections.

[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] [[Original Presban]], [[Beta of House Presba]] – Famous Artist - Resides in Universe Alpha: Beta Quadrant: Planet [[Presba]] – Mate of [[Vrald Janeway|Janeway, Vrald]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Klingon]] - [[Mated Presban]] - Famous Architect. Mate of [[Janeway, Phoebe]]

Vrald has taken Phoebe's last name. It started as a joke, but he has read up on his history and knows the Janeway line is an honorable one. Plus, he loves his wife.
criss-crossing interconnecting “backdoor” pathways within vessels that allow engineers and maintenance crews to do their thing.  Sometimes used as alternative escape routes or hiding places for those seeking privacy.
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Trill]] – Successfully managed to win a trial by combat – Resides: Universe Beta – Beta Quadrant
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Ensign - [[Voyager’s Marines]] - Resides on [[Voyager]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Kazon]] – [[Presban Marines]] – [[Member of House Presba]] - Resides on [[Voyager]]
A tasty, sweet Bajoran Fruit
a kind of leaping, hungry fish. Originates from Presba
[[Kahn, Lenara]] 
[[Keru, Ranul]] 
[[Kim, Harry]] 
[[Kira Nerys]]
Beyond mere Universes, but existing in many – [[Klingon]] Deity – Deity – Resides in Sto-Vo-Kor – Also known as Kahless the Unforgettable
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Trill]], Joined – Scientist – Resides on [[Voyager]].
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] – Took the challenge during one of [[Torres, Miral]]'s trials. (Deceased)
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] – Son of House Kor – In [[Universe Alpha]] he is Deceased – Resides: [[Universe Beta]] – Beta Quadrant – Presba
The Hero Kargas takes on a Trellian Python and wins. Phoebe created a painting of it, which the Mistress of House Martok, Sirella, enjoyed.
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] – Klingon Scout on [[IKS Tabor]]
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Romulan]] – Ambassador Universe Beta – [[Klingon Empire]] – Mate to [[Yar, Tasha]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Klingon]], alternate species – Ensign, [[Voyager’s Marines]] – Resides on [[Voyager]] – Often see in the company of Chase and Booker during security detail (Which means he is a guy of similar size)
A building on the planet Ula’sok, created by the legendary Vrald
One of the authors of Wonders of the House Presba
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] – First on Tor’stag – Resides: [[IKS Tor'stag]]
An alien creature that molts when young. Counting Kaza refers to the survival rate of the young during that season.
Delta Quadrant inhabitants with a tribal/warrior culture. Their hair appears to be solid clumps. They tend to be very copper in skin tone – They want to be Klingons when they grow up. It is possible that the Kazon originated from a very technologically advanced species. Wars of attrition caused the stall in their civilization.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Trill]] - Lieutenant Commander - Stationed on [[Voyager]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Klingon]] – Captain of the [[IKS Jornub]] – Stationed at [[Presba]] on behalf of the Klingon Empire.
A famous diplomatic event which brought the Klingon Empire and Federation into a more positive relationship. Dax participated in the creation of the Accord.
Kicking Phoenix is a [[Zakeeri]] [[Living Ship]] of the Clan Leaping Stars.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Lieutenant, Operations Officer of Voyager - Resides on [[Voyager]]

[[Universe Beta]]; [[Human]] - [[Presban Marines]], survivor of [[Kt'skil]] and the [[Hive]]

[[Universe Gamma]]; [[Human]] - Ensign, (Deceased)
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Bajoran]] Intendant of Bajor Territories, [[Klingon Empire]] – Resides Universe Beta: Alpha Quadrant: Terok Nor/Bajor. Mate of [[Troi, Deanna]], [[Truth Seeker]], [[Dax, Jadzia]], [[Tigan, Ezri]], [[Asil]]. [[Mated Presban]] 
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] – [[Member of House Presba]], Crew of the [[Nawrya]] 
Originating from Qo’nos – Bipedal, mammal/insectoid, omnivorous, multihued. Distinctive feature: Warrior Culture, Ridges – along forehead and support structures and in sensitive places. Dual/Backup organs.

There are two species of Klingon, one with a distinctive crown of ridges and one without. 
The Empire the Klingons built. Started by [[Kahless]]
Status and skill determine the base level of practice for a judge.  Also can be assigned – either by a consensus of higher level Judges, the Chancellor or the Emperor. Levels rise from 10 to 1, then from Great, Grand, and Imperial, with Imperial being the highest level that a Judge can achieve. Great, Grand and Imperial Judges may be called on to conduct special trials and may serve on the Klingon Council as requested by the Chancellor
Miral Torres’ ship in the Universe Beta Book 3, Chakotay's in Book 4
The [[Klingon]] Scouts are one subset of scouts/fighter ships that are attached to Voyager.
A son or daughter of [[Klingon]] and [[Human]] parents
Vulcan ritual where a state of pure logic is attained and can be maintained for long stretches of time.
The site of the first battle between the [[Presban Marines]] and the [[Hive]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Klingon]] – [[Sirella]]’s Guard – Resides wherever Sirella goes
A fist size beetle on Presba with large mandibles and biting ways.
Humanoid species. Wildman, Noami is half-Ktarian.
A child of [[Ktarian]] and [[Human]] parents

Clan Star Fists

[[Universe Alpha]]

Security on [[Voyager]], 
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] – Scout on the [[IKS Tabor]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Ensign, [[Voyager’s Marines]] – Resides on [[Voyager]]
Very tall, willowy people. Peaceful, but will defend the Home. Crack engineers & scientists & educators. Lavender skin, platinum hair
Klingon-Human Hybrid

[[Universe Alpha]]: the deceased Mate of [[Worf]]. [[Alexander Rozhenko|Rozhenko, Alexander]] is their son. 

[[Universe Beta]]: Member of House Martok, Mate of Chancellor Worf. Mother of [[Al'xandr]], and three other unnamed children.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Klingon]] - A hero from ages past. See [[Battle of Tl’gnan]]
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] – [[Member of House Presba]], Crew of the [[Nawrya]] – In charge of Security.

Clan Red Raptor

[[Universe Alpha]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Orion]] – [[Orion Syndicate]] member. Part of the Altheldu Cartel
A rat of sizable proportions and stink.
Laughing Hornet is a [[Zakeeri]] [[Living Ship]] of the Clan Star Fist.
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Bajoran]] – Dabo Girl – Resides: Universe Beta: Alpha Quadrant: [[Terok Nor]]
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[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Kutwutchu]] – Hapless Tour Guide & Secretary – Resides: Universe Alpha: Delta Quadrant: [[Voyager's Rest]] 
A living ship is a sentient vessel. 

The [[Zakeeri]] living ships have a unique bio-mechanical structure which provides sentience, the ability to mate and spawn, and other evidences of life. The bio-mechanics involve nanotechnology and can be passed on to another ship which utilizes organic components via a "blood" exchange. An ordinary star ship without those components will not become a "living ship," via such an exchange. 

One of the authors of Wonders of the House Presba
A tradition, which arose of combining tables to create a long table for socialization and deeper conversation. It took on a life of its own and soon became an item of Ship’s Culture.  Anyone who visits Voyager will eventually find themselves at the Long Table, conversing with a varied number of people who come and go as duty and interest require.  There is a member of the Counseling Department stationed at The Long Table in the Mess Hall 24/7.
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] – Daughter of House Duras – Very Honorable – Part of the Ambassadorial Team from Universe Beta
Felinoid species, warrior culture – cuddly compared to the Zakeeri, furred, long pointy ears
[[Ma, Lealt]]
[[Magnum, Steve]]
Generally a human(oid)-friendly planetary body. 
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Bajoran]] – [[Orion Syndicate]] Assassin/bomber (deceased)
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] - [[Sirella]]'s cousin and assistant
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Commander, Procurement and Supplies – Mate to Harry and Tom – Resides on [[Voyager]]
[[Art and Media]]
[[Mythologies & Tales]]
[[Sandbox Stories]]


Clan Glory Dragon

[[Universe Alpha]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Klingon]] – Assistant to Judge [[Torres, Miral]] - Son of House Presba (Post Humus)
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Klingon]] – Captain of the [[Arrogant]]. Now part of Jadzia Dax's Merchant/shipping company (currently unnamed).
[[Universe Alpha]] – Lord of House Martok – Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. Resides: Universe Alpha – Beta Quadrant – Qo’noS (Had one eye gouged out by the Dominion)

[[Universe Beta]] – General in the Klingon Marines, on the Klingon High Council – Father Figure to the Chancellor. Resides: Universe Beta – Beta Quadrant – Qo’noS
Someone transformed into a Presban by becoming the Mate of another Presban. Requires the exchange of genetic information - usually via ingestion of blood through a ritual bite. (The bite is often at first instinctive. Those who have a high percentage chance of being successfully bonded may feel compelled to "taste," their mate. Kisses may lead to a lesser form of genetic exchange. It is not enough to form the bond, but enough for the body/psyche to recognize ones potential blood-mate.
A massive maze in space designed to test entrants for worthiness and provide adventure and entertainment for the aliens within.
A Hill Sized Tortoise.  Can sleep for years. Gigantic. Originates from Presba. 
[[Universe Alpha]] Origin Universe Variant Unknown; [[Klingon]], alternative species- [[Member of House Presba]] – Lieutenant, Klingon Scouts, Voyager – Resides on [[Voyager]]
someone who as sworn the Oath and become part of the greater family. May also be called - Warriors of the [[House Presba]]
The multiple of [[Member of House Presba]]
First Colony/City of Voyager’s Rest.
Type the text for 'Miscellaneous'
The second authority, big boss of a House. Correctly addressed as Lady (name here) - Usually part of a mated pair  - Duties are more management, ceremony, genetic line tracking, able to make life choices for those who are of the House – ex: Who that person is allowed to marry and so on. Duties differ from Epatai’s, but can act as a “final word,” on important details.
Klingon Fighting Style, Klingon martial art.
The following words mean “mother.”  Klingon: Sos.  Bajoran: Marnah. The children of the Prime use the word Seus for Kate and Da for Dax. (Da may also be seen as a Dad Word).
[[Battle of Karnath]]
[[Battle of Luas Troi]]
[[Battle of Tl’gnan]]
[[Kargas and the Trellian Python]]
[[Nechayev, Alynna]] 
[[Nael, Priam]] 
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Betazoid]] Lieutenant Commander, Counselor / Medical Services – [[Truth Seeker]] – [[Member of House Presba]] - Resides on Voyager (Book 2 & 3) – Resides Universe Beta (Book 4 & 5)
Romulan Fruit (apples)
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Ylfian]] – [[Member of House Presba]] – Resides: [[Voyager]]
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Ylfian]] – [[Voyager’s Marines] – One of the Ylfian Leaders – Resides on [[Voyager]]
A Klingon vessel owned by House Presba. It is currently serving as Judge Torres and family's home and transit ship.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Admiral in Starfleet – (one of the good guys) – Resides: Universe Alpha – Alpha Quadrant – Earth
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Talaxian]] – [[Member of House Presba]] – Morale Officer, Ambassador of [[Voyager]] – Resides on Voyager
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Deian]] – Assistant – Judge Torres / Gretchen Janeway – [[Member of House Presba]] - Mate of [[T'Sai]] and [[Effany]] - Part of the [[Trust]]
''Origin:'' Trill
''Meaning:'' soul, life-force, the person who hold your soul.
''Derivation:'' This is a word I borrowed from Hebrew. It is originally derived from neshama from the root NSHM, meaning breath
''Usage notes:'' Used by Ezri Dax as a term of endearment for B'Elanna. May or may not be used in front of other people. Like [[Enaid'wI]] it conveys a concept rather than a direct literal translation. It indicates she believes B'Elanna represents something essential to who she is, and is a match for part of her soul, as necessary as breathing.
a safe, luxurious place on Voyager where the Prime of Presba may gather to love one another and spend time together without worry. 
A toy shop on Empress’ Rest
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Kutwutchu]] – Instructor/Educator of the Children on Voyager – [[Member of House Presba]] -  Resides on [[Voyager]]
Another species whose lives have been dominated by the Borg. They have a definite ridge along the nose and are humanoid, with features very similar to humans. 
Entities who engage in questionable practices are not so honest. They may even be a bit worse than that.
[[Opaka, Sulan]] 
An Orion ship captured by the crew of Voyager and then dismantled. A version of the [[Trans Universal Engine]] was found on the ship.
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Changeling]] – [[Terok Nor]]’s Security Chief – Resides: Universe Beta: Alpha Quadrant: Terok Nor

Odo (Universal Variant Unknown) – (Changeling) – Job Unknown – Rescued from the Romulan Oligarchy by [[Commodore Janeway|Janeway, Kathryn]] and her crew.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Bajoran]] – Spiritual Leader, Kai– Resides [[Universe Beta]]: Alpha Quadrant: Bajor or [[Terok Nor]] or wherever the Prophets call her
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Orion]] – Ensign, Counselor – [[Member of House Presba]] – Assistant to Counselor Nael – Resides: Universe Beta – Alpha Quadrant - [[Betazed]]
Sirella of House Martok’s ship
Someone transformed into a [[Presban]] by the original Anomalous event.
Originating from Orion - Bipedal, mammal, omnivorous.  Distinctive Feature: Green. They are green everywhere. Inside and out. All possible shades, flavors and hues of Green. But they’re not plants. Go figure. Also, they have superior olfactory senses – enough that they almost qualify as a sixth sense – and females utilize pheromones to influence behavior and win friends. Culture is a Matriarchy
Mob-like “business,” association – trafficking in illegal substance, “protection,” and slavery in both Universes. Composed of Cartels, some of which are more honest/loyal to their empire than others. But all Cartels are being squeezed by the new heads of the Syndicate who happen to be the Capel family from Cardassia. Origins of the Orion Syndicate may stem from legitimate political and domestic issues. 

Clan Shaman

[[Universe Alpha]]

Commander; Counselor/Medical - Head of Counseling Department in Book 4 - [[Truth Seeker]]
[[Paris, Tom]]
[[Paris, Owen]] 
[[Picard, Jean Luc]] 
[[Pulaski, Kate]] 
Palm-sized phaser with three settings, required armament for all adults on Voyager.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Admiral in Starfleet – Personal family friend of [[Kathryn Janeway|Janeway, Kathryn]] (one of the good guys) – Resides: Universe Alpha – Alpha Quadrant – Earth
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Lieutenant, Navigator of Voyager - Resides on [[Voyager]], Mate of [[Harry Kim|Kim, Harry]] and [[Steve Magnum|Magnum, Steve]]

[[Universe Gamma]] - Ensign, Supply Officer - Waylaid by grief, it has taken him sometime to overcome it.
An actual, physical Park on Voyager. Has flora and fauna and pathways and playways and a lake and porch access from Mess Hall 2 (the [[Golden Bough]]).  It has a controlled weather system and a place that the crew may go to “feel grounded.”  There are no Port Windows in Voyager Park proper. The sky environment is holographic, but the ground environment is “real.”  The weather system has rainy days (for watering the plants) and sunny days.  The schedule is posted on the Ship’s Channel
originating from Ubiyak Station and Voyager’s Rest – are genetically designed to find eco-stability in the Park System – edible in emergencies.

Varieties include:

Deer/Field Beast

Predators do exist in the park, but are genetically designed to be non-dangerous to higher level sentients and help to keep the balance of the park. They are also smaller than your average house-cat.
Originally a powerful unit devised to deflect damage and absorb the essential elements of the mines in the Maze of Mines. Eventually it became a feature of Voyager and can be used to mine for important elements on the fly by Voyager while acting as a shield at the same time. It can be used as a weapon. If a ship tried to ram them while the shield was on, the attacking ship would be disrupted into component elements, which would be absorbed into Voyager’s systems and used to energize the shield.
This list is not complete, but it is fairly comprehensive. To keep it simple, we've used an alphabetical system. Click A to search the A names. B to search the B names. And so on. :) Or, if you want to manage a find a name or concept that has been successfully entered into this wiki use the Search Engine to the right. 

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Klingon word for Jackass, pain in the ass, Stupid Vermin, Insult to the person it’s directed at – Usually someone who has been a Jackass…
Planetary system that was the base for the Pharaoh Cartel
A specialized attack of Voyager's – double the power of regular phaser blasts, tends to knock midsized ships for a loop. Mostly used defensively, but could be used offensively on occasion. Does use a greater amount of ship’s power.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Captain, Enterprise E – Personal friend of [[Deanna Troi|Troi, Deanna]] and [[Guinan]] – Alt name: Locutus (of [[Borg]])– Resides: [[USS Enterprise E]]
[[Ab'Liev Tertius]]
[[Boreth's Monastery]] 
[[Caldek Prime]]
[[Cardassia Prime]]
[[Cargo Bay 2]] 
[[Empress' Rest]]
[[Estate of House Qua'lon]] 
[[Forcas III]] 
[[Hall of Records on Qo'nos]]
[[Golden Bough]] 
[[Kathenti Spire]]
[[Maze of Mines]] 
[[Nest, The]]
[[Nibixes Treasure Trove]] 
[[Park]], The
[[Pharaoh System]]
[[Presba: Stoneridge]] 
[[Presba: Matleh]]
[[Rura Penthe]] 
[[Terok Nor]] 
[[Voyager's Rest]] 
[[Yngdrang Forest]]
At some points we'll get into the the complexities of the Universes Politics. Meanwhile here are some alliances and empires that have been encountered in the books.

Changeling Dominion
Federated Planets
[[Klingon Empire]]
Klingon Empire: United Planets
Roman Oligarchy
United Federated Planets

Planetary system purchased and owned by the House Presba, with the main planet being called Presba.

Also the House Name
The family language of those who have been touched by the Presban change.  The language is untranslatable to mechanical devices and telepaths.  This language displaces the birth language as a “first,” language in the presence of other Presbans.  Presbans must consciously choose to speak in other languages, at which time they access those languages normally.  The language (and its extension) is passed down via some genetic process.
Presba's moon and the location for a combined base for the Federation, Klingon Empire and House Presba's forces.
The First colony of Presba
Someone who has been changed either by the original experience, mating or blood.  A member of House Presba.
A Gigantic multi tentacled/tongued underground digger/chaser creature. It makes meals out of whatever is in its way, including Mega Tortoises. Originates from Presba.
These Marines are individuals who have sworn an oath of loyalty to the House Presba. They are comprised of a variety of species and include officers trained in the Starfleet way of doing things. Their sole obligation is the defense of House Presba, but they are also called to help defend the Klingon Empire (in the Beta Universe) and/or the Federation as needed. 

An extension of the family language – allowing Presbans to think on multiple levels and communicate on multiple levels.  The language is untranslatable to mechanical devices and telepaths and not necessarily apparent to those who are merely glancing or even watching intently. Only those who have spent quality time with Presbans know that it goes on.

Ultimate Authority of House Presba (and Mates of each other)

This may also refer to those who officially re-established the House Presba. Or may refer to an as yet unrevealed reason for the grouping. In either case, the Prime of the House Presba is composed of 9 persons. 
An information point for Engineering and Maintenance located in Engineering
Born 2315, Krakow, Poland.

Former head of Starfleet Medical. Substantive rank of Admiral, accepted field commission at the rank of Commander during Dominion War.

[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]] – Commander, Chief Medical Officer of Voyager - [[Mated Presban]] – [[Prime of House Presba]]  (Note: Used to be an Admiral and Chief of Medical Services) – Resides on [[Voyager]]
[[Q Continuum]]
[[Q Junior]]
Most Q never take a name of their own. They are just Q. They are part of a continuum that exists both outside the Universes and Inside. One specific Q has taken an interest in human affairs.

 (Universal) – (Deity) – Often the cause of metaphysical hijinks, but not the cause of the Presban Change – Friend of Kathryn Janeway – Resides in the Q continuum
 (Universal) – (Deity) – Nephew of Kathryn Janeway (from his perspective) – Resides in the Q continuum
Home Planet of the Klingon’s and its capitol, located in the Beta Quadrant
Also Qapla

Klingon word for “Success!”  Usually said as a cheer or prompt to go and accomplish something and succeed at it.
[[Riker, Will]]
[[Ro Laren]] 
[[Rozhenko, Alexander]]


Clan Glory Dragon

[[Universe Alpha]]

Commander, Second to Sofuru in the [[Zakeeri Scouts]] on [[Voyager]]
Spicy, dark version of Klingon Coffee preferred by many and a bit notorious for its intense stimulant effect.
Miral’s many times great grandfather's Bat’leth – Kajanpak't-chim . Grandfather AruT fought with Kahless in battles against the tyrant Molor. It is an ancient and worthy blade.

A gold rimmed clay mug - the mug of Torak Kordem, a warrior of the House Presba. He was anointed as a priest of Kahless several centuries ago. It is said that he still walks the Halls of Boreth’s Monastery. The mug is kept by the family in memory of the battle he fought against the Antaan. It is believed to be blessed because the blood of an enemy was drunk from it.

A bulky, ornate brooch - the Sign of Tanas and is worn by the protector of the House. It was made by Kahless himself a many times great uncle. It is wanted by other Houses.

A small, almost flat pouch - seeds from Kahless' time of unknown type.  It is said that they will only grow in the garden of the House Presba – a garden which is built to honor Kahless the Unforgettable.

Sacred Chalice – Sacred object of the Troi House and Betazed – Cup of some renown

Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed – Sacred object of the Troi House and Betazed – Rings of some renown
The Reset refers to the events that led to intercession of [[Kahless]] in order to reset the timeline to approximately Stardate 54100.0, or 2377 by the Terran calendar.

Despite the timeline reset, Kathryn Janeway retains her memories of the life she led up until the year 2404, when she triggered the reset. 

In [[Universe Alpha]], William Thomas Riker was the Captain of the [[USS Titan]], and married to [[Deanna Troi|Troi, Deanna]] until things started to go wrong. He was chemically manipulated and then seduced by [[Nuala Corvalis|Corvalis, Nuala]] who turned out to be a member of [[Section 31]]. During that time he began fighting with his wife, who had recently undergone changes which rendered her [[Presban|Original Presban]]. The fights escalated under Corvalis' influence and Deanna fled, with her younger brother [[Barin|Troi, Barin]] to her family. Things continued to escalate personally until Deanna filed for divorce. 

Later, still under the influence of Corvalis, Will was sent to negotiate with House Presba. When Corvalis decided to cut her losses, she overdosed him with an unknown substance. He is currently comatose and sequestered in the hospital on [[Presba]].
In Universe Alpha it is a resort pleasure planet of some notoriety. In Universe Beta it is planet ripe for the picking by T’Pel.
[[Bajoran]]. Born 17 January 2340.

!!![[Universe Alpha]]
A Starfleet Officer turned [[Maquis]] rebel, Ro Laren spent the initial portion of her time aboard [[Voyager]] as Crewman Ba Nores, cleaning conduits. After the [[reset|Reset]], [[Kathryn Janeway|Janeway, Kathryn]] revealed her secret and promoted her to the rank of Lieutenant and made her the Captain’s Assistant. 

Laren is an [[Original Presban]] and one of the  [[Prime of House Presba]]. Currently, she resides on [[Voyager]] where she holds the rank of Lt. Commander, and acts as Commodore Janeway's Adjutant. 

She spent 10 years in refugee camps, largely on Valo II. This displacement during her formative years and witnessing the death by torture of her father played a large role in her leaving Starfleet and her original posting to the [[USS Enterprise|USS Enterprise E]].  

!!![[Universe Gamma]]

The Captain of the Maquis vessel pulled along with Voyager into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker, Ro Laren now serves as Voyager's First Officer, and holds the rank of Commander. Like her alpha Universe counterpart, she left Starfleet to join the Maquis in an attempt to thwart the Cardassian led occupation of [[Bajor]] and other systems within the Alpha Quadrant. 

[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Human]]  - Head Waiter/Owner of a Restaurant by the Lake – Resides: Universe Alpha – Alpha Quadrant – Earth
Captained by Jadzia Dax of the Beta Universe.
A Klingon pie that is not for the faint of heart. It is best eaten warm (hot), and, despite its reputation, can be quite tasty with the right spices. 
Cousins to the Vulcans. This species broke off due to a difference of opinion and made for Romulus, their Home world. Like Vulcans they have pointed ears, but time has also granted them ridges that emphasize their brows. 
For awhile it was embargoed by the Federation, but has recently been allowed back across its borders. It is a strong ale originating from Romulus. A sensory altering drink (fermented) inducing drunk-like after effects. Ales have been confirmed to have nutritive value. 
A child of both [[Romulan]] and [[Human]] parents
Home planet to the Romulans in the Beta Quadrant
Klingon-Human Hybrid.

Son of [[Worf]] and [[K’Ehleyr]]. [[Deanna Troi|Troi, Deanna]] is his So'chim, and he considers [[Lwaxana Troi|Troi, Lwaxana]] to be his grandmother.

Scout in the Klingon Marines (or Navy) – Member of House Martok. Resides: [[Universe Alpha]] – Beta Quadrant – On a scout ship
Planet where the Hive had taken over. General [[Belle Torres|Torres, Belle]] went in and obliterated them from the planet. It is an unusual and extraordinary feat and one of the reasons she is missing an eye.
Famous, dangerous Klingon Prison Planet (very icy, snowy and hard to escape)
[[Universe Beta]]; Unknown Species -  Servant to [[Deanna Troi|Troi, Deanna]] the Truth Seeker of  [[Truth Seeker]]s and very protective of her interests – Resides: Universe Beta – Alpha Quadrant – Betazed (or wherever the Mistress goes)
[[Seven of Nine]] 
Star Trek: The Next Generation

TV series which took Star Trek to the next level.
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Orion]] – Ensign, Counselor – [[Voyager]]
These are just a variety of story ideas that have a pretty good chance of not being covered deeply in the books, but have been brought up. If you wish to participate in building the series, then these sandbox ideas are for you.

Want to play in the sandbox, but need a spark. Here’s a list of ideas or threads that could use investigating, but probably (may not) be followed up too deeply in the story.


The Steele’s capture and Sarah Tucker’s negotiations with the Klingons (How the Steele saved lives)

How Kate and Kathryn first met and what sparked between them.

Auloh’s childhood and why it’s better to live with Asil & Deanna 

What *did* Ro do all those Seven Years besides mucking stables?

Kasala and Yar’s story (It’s gotta be better than Universe Alpha’s version… In this one Kasala would be an honest goodness knight who rescued the damsel).

Any of the Adoptees into the House Presba’s story. (How I came to live on Presba…and learned to love the Presban Chaser).

Any of the Zakeeri Clans (Why I chose to join Voyager’s grand adventure, when I could have stayed at home and baked cakes…) or even (How I and my mates got together – the extraordinary mating habits of the Zakeeri – or Why Bondmates are the best mates).

T’Sai, Effany and Nelav’s point of view to becoming part of the House and their position in it.

A story of the Zakeeri members of the House Presba. A story of the Kazon members of the House Presba. A story of the Kutwutchu members of the House Presba

Language Lessons!  Some of the House Presba need to expand their vocabulary!

A Story of the Voyager Marines (in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants) doing what Marines do…

The Story of Deanna Troi’s Rise to Power in Universe Beta

The Story of Kira Nerys’ Rise to Power in Universe Beta

Silk says; I would love to see Ensign Itsa Plot and his cohorts (Have you made up names for them yet?) in their own lil FF. Something humorous of course :)
Ship's Registry: Betazed.

The Sandhen is the ship assigned to the Truth Seeker, [[Deanna Troi|Troi, Deanna]] in the beta-Universe. It is a mid-sized liner with a crew complement of 30, including the Truth Seeker's personal staff.

It is ovoid in shape.
A holodeck hotspot that is often the site for parties and other social interactions for Voyager’s crew. It has the nightlife for when they love to boogie.
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Vulcan]] – Lieutenant, Science Officer – [[Trans Universal Engine]] expert – [[Member of House Presba]] – Resides on [[Voyager]]
Section 31 is an underground arm of the Federation (illegal, but ingrained) whose sole declared purpose is to advance and protect the Federation through any means necessary. They are comparable (but less sleek and less publicly ubiquitous) to the Romulan Tal Shiar.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Vulcan]] - [[Original Presban]] – Son of House Presba –  Resides in Universe Alpha: Alpha Quadrant: Vulcan
[[Universe Beta]]; Romulan-Human – Lieutenant General, [[Klingon]] Marines, First to General Belle Torres – Resides on [[IKS Tor'stag]]
Someone who has not sworn the Oath of House Presba, but consider themselves part of the House or act in contractual ways to the House.
[[Borg]] enhanced [[Human]]. Born: 24 June 2348
Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01.

!!![[Universe Alpha]]
Assimilated by the [[Borg]] as a young child (2356), Seven spent eighteen years as a Borg drone. Liberated by Kathryn Janeway and the crew of [[Voyager]], she became their Astrometrics Officer in 2374. 

An [[original Presban|Original Presban]], she serves as the [[Mistress of the House]] [[Presba]], and is commonly addressed as Lady Seven. More formally, she has adopted Lady Torres as her title and rank, and as a means of distinguishing herself from her sister.

One of the [[Prime|Prime of House Presba]], she counts as a mother to all the children of her spouses, but she is specifically the Mother of [[Icheb|Hansen, Icheb]], [[Azan|Hansen, Azan]], [[Rebi|Hansen, Rebi]], [[Mezoti|Hansen, Mezoti]] & [[Emina|Hansen, Emina]] via adoption. 

!!![[Universe Gamma]]
In this universe, Seven of Nine was also assimilated as a child and severed from the collective in 2374. Largely due to differences in the route traveled by the Voyager of this universe, she has had a more difficult time integrating with the crew, than her counterpart. She serves as Voyager's Astrometrics Officer, and is a  [[Blood Presban]] and [[Member of House Presba]] by Blood rite and Oath.

See also: [[Annika Hansen|Hansen, Annika]]
 A blade that blends into the fabric and remains supple until pulled.
[[Arrogant]], The
[[Corrigan]], The
[[Dancing Hawk]]
[[IKS Gortuk]] 
[[IKS Jornub]] 
[[IKS Tabor]] 
[[IKS Thanatos]]
[[IKS Tor'stag]]
[[Kicking Phoenix]]
[[Klingon Judgment]] 
[[Laughing Hornet]]
[[OSS Lucky Dragon]] 
[[Rogue Star]], The
[[Sandhen]], The
[[Siren's Song]]
[[Stinging Sparrow]]
[[Striking Feather]]
[[USS Enterprise E]]
[[USS Steele]]
[[USS Titan]]
[[USS Val Jean]]
[[War Flower]]
The ship’s information and video feed channel which is available for public viewing. (Think, the weather, the news, the current ships condition and location and away team updates. That kind of thing).
''Origin:'' Irish Gaelic.
''Meaning:'' sprite, fairy.
''Usage notes:'' Used exclusively by Lady Seven to refer to Ezri Dax and resulted from her attempt to find an affectionate designation in reply to the Trill referring to her as my Valkyrie. Likely origin is a search through linguistic databases for words relating to chaos.

[[Universe Alpha]]– Ensign, Security - [[Voyager’s Marines]] – Very Big, Muscular, Intimidating young man of stature - [[Member of House Presba]], often seen in the company of Ensign Booker. Resides on [[Voyager]]

[[Universe Alpha]] – Mate of Chancellor Martok – Mistress of House Martok – daughter of Linkasa - Resides on [[Qo'nos]]. 

As the Mistress of House Martok, she has her hand in the fate of many Klingons and family of Klingons, including [[Ezri Dax|Dax, Ezri]]. She is also very influential in the Empire due to her status and her House.

[[Universe Beta]] - Mate of General Martok - Mistress of House Martok - Resides on [[Qo'nos]].

Like her counterpart in Universe Alpha, this woman has her hand in the fate of many and is very influential. 

Intendant Nerys’ ship in the Beta Universe
by Katrina and Llachlan
WotHP: Appendix
Soch is Seven in Klingon. Sochlings is an affectionate term for Seven of Nine’s children.


Clan Sun Tiger

[[Universe Alpha]]

Commander, [[Zakeeri Scouts]].  Family Friend to House Presba
Child of House Presba – may have a blood link or may be adopted into the House. They may or may not be Presban, depending on their maternal or mated link to the House.
Klingon word for Grandmother
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Envoys designated as assistants for the purpose of communication and delivery between departments.

[[Universe Gamma]] - Navigator, Lieutenant - Gamma Voyager
Zakeeri higher level martial art
A flying mammal on Presba. The name is descriptive.
Stinging Sparrow is a [[Zakeeri]] [[Living Ship]] of the Clan Sun Tiger. She is the mate of Voyager. She is a sister ship to War Flower and Striking Feather. She is a unique vessel among the Zakeeri ships, because she has been through the [[Maze of Mines]] successfully and was transformed. 
Klingon Heaven
Striking Feather is a [[Zakeeri]] [[Living Ship]] of the Clan Red Raptor. She is a sister ship to Stinging Sparrow and Striking Feather. She is a unique vessel among the Zakeeri ships, because she has been through the [[Maze of Mines]] successfully and was transformed. 
This department makes the supply runs for Voyager.
Originating from Trill = No feet, unknown, parasite or symbiont, depending on who you talk to and their prejudices. Distinctive Feature: White, wormlike shape,  about a foot long, intelligent, long-lived, hosts are Trills,
[[Tel, Peh]]
[[Tigan, Ezri]]
[[Torres, Annika]]
[[Torres, B'Elanna]]
[[Torres, Belle]]
[[Torres, Miral]]
[[Troi, Asil]]
[[Troi, Barin]]
[[Troi, Deanna]]
[[Troi, Luas]]
[[Troi, Lwaxana]]
[[Tucker, Sarah]]
Born 2363

A Vulcan, and one of the original [[Blood Presbans|Blood Presban]] T'Pel is both a Federation as well as Vulcan Ambassador. She is a member of the Prime of House Presba, and currently resides on [[Voyager]] where she is in charge of their legal department, which is part of the [[Department of Diplomacy (DoD)|DoD]], where she also serves as a diplomat. As part of the Prime, she acts as the Financier of House Presba. In Universe Beta, she holds the title of [[Truth Seeker]].

She and [[Tuvok]] are the natural parents of four children: Sek, Tuvon, Vedor and [[Asil|Troi, Asil]]. 
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Vulcan]] – Assistant – Judge Torres/ [[Gretchen Janeway|Janeway, Gretchen]] – [[Member of House Presba]] – Resides with Judge Torres/ Gretchen Janeway
[[Universe Beta]]; [[Romulan]] – Journalist/Photographer/Spy who accompanied [[Sela]] (while she was also a Journalist/Spy) – Resides on Romulus
An alien species from the Delta Quadrant. Their appearance has been compared to that of a headgehog.  They have orange/brown spots and the hair on the head tends to spike back like a fluffy mohawk. Males have sideburns.
[[Universe Alpha]]; [[Betazoid]] – Ensign, part of the Counseling Department, trained by Counselor Nael – [[Truth Seeker]] (Marine) – Resides on [[Voyager]]

Klingon word for silent, quiet or in the vernacular, stealthy.
''Origin:'' Klingon
''Meaning:'' literally quiet + engineer.
''Derivation:'' idiomatic composite of quiet (tam) and engineer (jonwI')
''Usage notes:'' A Klingon nickname originally given to Annika Torres by [[Durn]], because of her propensity to strip down and improve equipment in unexpected ways, and at unexpected times. In this context it means stealthy engineer. 

see also [[Tam]], [['jonwI]]

# Massive, fierce [[Klingon]] beast. They come in several kinds and sizes: Wild, Tamed, Food and Stuffed Toy. Most commonly assumed to be a boar-like species rather than canine, but this is not definitive. [[Worf]] and [[Martok]] both had pet targs as children.
# A Klingon male, and Warrior of the [[House Presba]]. Resides on the [[Presba]] Estate and is part of the House Guard. No one knows if Targ is his birth name, or is a nickname bestowed upon him due to his stocky, solid appearance and shock of black hair.

An Orion, and member of the Orion Cartel, he was the  Captain who kidnapped Miral, Gretchen, Lwaxana and T'Pel. He's dead now.
A Klingon, but of an alternative species, and an unknown universal variant. That is, with a ruddy complexion, and heavy brows, but no forehead ridges. Currently serves about [[Voyager]] as a [[Marine|Voyager’s Marines]]. Tat'el is also part of the group displaced in time as well as place.

The now deceased Bajoran accused (Defendant) in the first trial conducted by [[Judge Miral Torres|Torres, Miral]] in [[Universe Beta]]. He was also the first person for whom [[Gretchen Janeway|Janeway, Gretchen]] acted as Advocate.
In Universe Alpha it was originally a Cardassian Mining Space Station.  Now it serves Bajoran purposes and acts as a hub of diplomacy and tourism and defense from invasion. In Universe Beta it is a Klingon Space Station, also starting off as a mining station, but now serving the purpose of diplomacy tourism and defense from invasion.

Clan Red Raptor

[[Universe Alpha]]

[[Black Hole]] 
[[Buzzberry Blast]] 
[[Empire Killer]] 
[[Long Table]], The 
[[Project Wall]] 
[[Rokeg Blood Pie]] 
[[Romulan Ale]] 
[[Ship’s Channel]] 
[[Trans Universal Engine]] 
[[Trust]], The 
This is the type of wiki.
An unjoined [[Trill]] in Universe Beta. She is the Captain of the [[Corrigan]], and has a well-deserved reputation as a reliable, and effective Mercenary. A skilled pilot, she has an adventurous streak and a head for profit, which combine to keep her safely away from Terok Nor and Bajor.
A feline originating on Qo’nos renowned for its lack of courage.
The location of the Battle of TI’gnan mentioned in the Legend of Ktam
A popular gambling game

[[Universe Beta]] – Ensign, [[Voyager’s Marines]] – Resides on [[Voyager]]

[[Universe Beta]] – [[Truth Seeker]] – On [[Deanna|Troi, Deanna]]’s Council – Resides: Universe Beta: Alpha Quadrant

[[Universe Beta]] – Ensign – [[Voyager’s Marines]] – [[Member of House Presba]] – Resides on [[Voyager]]
See also [[Annika Hansen|Hansen, Annika]]
Born 2349.

Torres, B'Elanna – (Universe Alpha) – (Klingon/Human) Commander, Chief Engineer of Voyager – Epatai and Warlord of House Presba – Original Presban – Prime of House Presba – Resides on Voyager


[[Universe Beta]]– General, Klingon Marines – Blood Presban - Beta of House Presba – Mate to Annika Hansen - Victor of the [[Battle of Karnath]], Destroyer of the [[Hive]] of [[Ruaxa]] – Resides: [[IKS Tor'stag]] 

Has had several injuries due to battles fought. Most prominent: One eye gouged out by the Hive. Counterpart to B'Elanna Torres

See also: [[Torres, B'Elanna]]

Torres, Miral – (Universe Alpha) – (Klingon) Judge – Klingon Empire (Both Universes) – Original Presban - Alpha of House Presba – (Mother B’Elanna Torres / Belle Torres) - Resides in Universe Beta

A planet in the Beta Quadrant

(T.U.E.) Engine invented by Annika Hansen (Universe Beta) on a whim while daydreaming about the idea of escaping from slavery. The engine is designed to navigate the membranes that separate parallel Universes. It worked badly for the Orions due to failure to keep their scientists and engineers alive, and deliberate manipulation by Annika Hansen. It worked well for Voyager due to their success in keeping their scientist and engineers alive and interested.  Well, and the fact that Voyager pretty well integrated it into her systems.
Originating from Trill –  Bipedal, mammal, omnivorous. Distinctive feature: Spots that travel the length of the sides of the body from head to toe (sometimes sensitive)
A Vulcan, she is an original [[Blood Presban]], and is bonded in a Ponn Far bond to [[Deanna Troi|Troi, Deanna]].
Born in 2373, he is the son of [[Lwaxana Troi|Troi, Lwaxana]] and a Tavnian, Jeyal. Like his older sister, [[Deanna Troi|Troi, Deanna]], Barin is a hybrid, being half Betazoid and half Tavnian. He is though, a full telepath, like his mother.

So far he only exists in [[Universe Alpha]]. He is a unique being.

A Betzoid-Human hybrid. Born 29 March 2336.

Universe Alpha: This incarnation of Deanna Troi is a trained Counselor and holds the rank of Commander in Starfleet. She one of the [[Original Presbans|Original Presban]]. Formerly married to [[Will Riker|Riker, Will]], she is now bonded with [[Asil|Troi, Asil]] by both a Ponn Far bond, and the [[Klingon Oath]].

Universe Beta: Here Deanna is the The Truth Seeker of [[Truth Seekers]] (a.k.a. Head Truth Seeker), and with this Universe's Lwaxana Troi deceased, she is a Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed, and is in the line of succession for the Throne of Betazed itself.

Ancestor; Many times Great Grandmother of [[Deanna Troi|Troi, Deanna]] –  Luas’ history is part of the great lineage gift given to Deanna Troi 

See also: [[Battle of Luas Troi]]
Born 2306.

A fully telepathic and empathic Betazoid born around the turn of the 24th century, Lwaxana is a daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed, the Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, and Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed, though all of these treasures were lost when Betazed fell to Dominion Forces during the Dominion War. She is an official representative of her government, and an official Federation Ambassador.

During her sojourn in the Beta Universe, she served as a [[Truth Seeker]], and, along with [[Miral Torres|Torres, Miral]], [[Gretchen Janeway|Janeway, Gretchen]], and [[T'Pel]] helped to revitalize the Klingon Justice system.

Lwaxana is one of the [[Original Presbans|Original Presban]], and part of the [[Prime of House Presba]]. Deanna and Barin Troi of Universe Alpha are her natural children by prior spouses, and she also considers Deanna Troi, Truth Seeker of Universe Beta to be a natural child.
Nickname for Nelav, Effany and T’Sai as a group.
A specialized calling for mediators, negotiators, evaluators of truthfulness, counseling and related fields – Originated as a Betazoid Caste, expanded upon the arrival of Universe Alpha’s Miral Torres, Gretchen Janeway, Lwaxana Troi and T’Pel.
Suits designed for speed and agility and defense.  Some Weapons, but marked by the Medical Blue. Utilizes “paint,” to establish innocent, prisoner, dead man walking. (May need to add paint for injured)
A [[Truth Seeker]] is part of the caste or group of Truth Seekers

[[Universe Alpha]] Commander.

Originally the Captain of the [[USS Steele]], she and her crew were rescued during a firefight involving the [[Orion Syndicate]]. She took the loss of the Steele very hard and has not quite recovered from it.

[[Voyager’s Marines]] until the middle of Book 4 – Resides on [[Voyager]] until Book 4, works at Starfleet Acadamy

[[Universe Alpha]] Klingon Baron – Lord of House Qua'lon – Resides: Universe Alpha – Beta System – [[Ab'Liev Tertius]] (Deceased)
[[Vulcan]] Born 2364.

[[Universe Alpha]] – Commander - Security of Voyager; [[Original Presban]] – [[Prime of House Presba]] – Resides on [[Voyager]]

[[Universe Alpha]] – [[Original Presban]] – Son of House Presba - Resides in Universe Alpha: Beta Quadrant: Planet [[Presba]]

Tuvon is one of the sons of [[Tuvok]] and [[T'Pel]].
Federation starship captained by Jean Luc Picard
A Starfleet ship which was destroyed during a battle with the [[Orion Syndicate]]. It was captained by [[Sarah Tucker|Tucker, Sarah]].  
Captained by Will Riker until the unfortunate events in Book 4. Now captained by Christine Vale.
Originally Universe Gamma's Voyager, renamed for the purposes of distinguishing between the Intrepid vessels and in honor of the original lost ship Val Jean.
A famous Port Station and Planetary system in the Delta Quadrant, contains the Park that influenced the construction of Voyager’s Park
A planet in the Beta Quadrant
The old Starfleet uniforms are available, but hidden deeply in the buffer of Voyager. As a whole, Voyager has moved to a multiple uniform option (with 5 types of uniforms, including a mini-skirt version and 5 variables for each duty type).  The original idea was to confound the Zakeeri (and possibly other boarders) into confusion about how many persons were actually staffing the ship.  As might be considered inevitable, the standard uniform chosen for wear narrowed (with those not chosen also remaining in the buffer), to a select few.

The Prime tend to wear: Black, breathable, leathertype- multipocket jacket, black or white work shirt, black pants and boots. (Seven had already decided she was keeping the steel-toed stomping boots she'd replicated with her construction outfit. She liked how they felt on her feet.)

The underwear acts as the armor, with a special flexible “steel-silk” that is designed to deflect even the worst disrupter shot.  The steel-silk integrated in the full uniform of the Prime during replication – since Seven was put in charge of making sure everyone in the family had the right Uniform (at the beginning. Afterwards, it’s likely that she simply input a protocol to make sure that Prime always has the double protection). She just wouldn't mention that she was altering the design for them.

(On the other hand, it’s likely that, once Seven of Nine enacted the design improvement she might have gone ahead and gotten it approved for application for everyone else…)

The family crest is affixed as a patch to the left shoulder of the jacket, while the right shoulder would display their duty colors. Pips would be applied to the collars as usual and the Comm Badge would also be located in the usual place. Phasers and weaponry would be distributed according to personal taste – but with a certain bow to the Klingon sensibilities. Since the other point of the Uniform change is to present a “dangerous” façade, while providing the most flexibility in movement. 

Other uniforms choices are variations on the theme, some with more aggressive padding and apparent armor function than others and some which takes elements of the currently known Starfleet uniform and mixed them with mechanical adaptation. The crew that does the heavy lifting find these uniforms particularly useful.

The number assigned based on its variance from Universe 0-A, otherwise known as [[Universe Alpha]]
(Universal Variant 0) – Prime Universe. The Federation is one that most would recognize, though it has been involved in turmoil due to a war with the Dominion and a fractured relationship with the Klingon Empire. Alternatively: Alpha Universe.
(Universal Variant 47) – Alternate Universe. The Federation was an empire building butchering, slave gathering entity that died of revolution. The Klingon Empire is supreme in this Universe. It is sometimes thought of as the “opposite” Universe, but there is apparently more in common that was previously realized. Alternatively Beta Universe.
(Universal Variant ?) – Alternate Universe. The Federation, Klingon Empire and Romulan Empire were totally demolished by the Dominion. Voyager's crew had not been informed of this fact until after the arrival of Lady Seven of Nine, Epatai B'Elanna Torres and Ro Laren of the House Presba. Alternatively Gamma Universe.
The [[Trans Universal Engine]] sparked an awareness of the multiplicity of universes, identified by [[Universal Variant]]. The science for exploration is complex, but the engine is surprisingly simple. There are several known Universes, usually designated by a variant number, for the purposes of the story and simplification in conversation a few major Universes have been labeled with an alphabetical tag.

[[Universe Alpha]] 

[[Universe Beta]] 

[[Universe Gamma]] 

Clan Sun Tiger

[[Universe Alpha]]

Family Friend to House Presba
[[Vale, Christine]] 
[[Von, Rhianna]] 

[[Universe Alpha]] (Ensign in Book 2, Commander in Book 3) – Resides: [[Universe Beta]] Vah is the commander of the [[Presban Marines]] in Universe Beta. His current task is to train those newcomers who are brought to him and make them Marines like the ones on Voyager. They are quickly, however, becoming their own unique kind of fighting force.

[[Universe Alpha]] – Commander, First Officer – [[USS Titan]]

[[Universe Beta]] – [[Member of House Presba]], Crew of the [[Nawrya]] – Serves Judge [[Miral Torres|Torres, Miral]]
[[Klingon]], Alternative 

Unknown Universal Variant

[[Member of House Presba]] – Commander, [[Klingon Scouts]], [[Voyager]] 

[[Universe Alpha]] [[Original Presban]] – Son of House Presba - Resides in Universe Alpha: Beta Quadrant: Planet [[Presba]]

Son of [[Tuvok]] and [[T'Pel]]
An alien cow. Very tasty.


[[Universe Beta]] 

[[Truth Seeker]] – On [[Deanna|Troi, Deanna]]’s Council – Resides: Universe Beta: Alpha Quadrant
Intrepid Class Federation Starship which got lost in the Delta quadrant, but is now finding herself because she’s now a [[Living Ship]]. She was originally altered by the unknowing transference of nano-biotechnology from [[Stinging Sparrow]].  She was then later altered by passing through the [[Maze of Mines]].
Mecha Suits Team who utilize High powered Mechanical Suites designed for Voyager’s Marines. Technology includes a “Hole Punch,” designed to punch holes through space ships with a combination technology based on the Penetrator Shield. These suits have Heavy Weapons and can Fly in or out of planetary atmosphere. However, they need to be in OR out of planetary atmosphere to be effective.
Colony world established by Voyager during their retrofit – now a popular Port world between Ubiyak and the Hla system port. Also serves as a secret base for sensitive projects for Starfleet.
These are originally fleet marines, but have been split up into two subsets: 

[[Presban Marines]], which are stationed in the Beta Universe 

Starfleet Marines, which are stationed on Voyager. 

The Marines act as special strike forces, security and away mission specialists. They are called into action when armed responses are needed. 
See also: [[Janeway, Vrald]]
Humanoid beings originating from Vulcan, a desert planet. In [[Universe Alpha]] most Vulcans pursue the path of logic. They are generally tall, have pointed ears and straight eyebrows.Their blood is green. They claim to be emotionless, but are definitely not. They simply manage their emotions via logic. 
[[Wasari, Ghent]] 
[[Wiesenger, Jeanie]] 
[[Wildman, Naomi]] 
[[Wildman, Samantha]] 
[[Winn Adami]] 
[[Winn Jerrod]] 
War Flower is a [[Zakeeri]] [[Living Ship]] of the Clan Glory Dragon. She is a sister ship to Stinging Sparrow and Striking Feather. She is a unique vessel among the Zakeeri ships, because she has been through the [[Maze of Mines]] successfully and was transformed. 

[[Universe Beta]] 

[[Truth Seeker]] – On [[Deanna|Troi, Deanna]]’s Council – Resides: Universe Beta: Alpha Quadrant
[[Boot Knife]] 
[[d'k tahg]]
[[Guard Force Mecha]] 
[[Palm Phaser]]
[[Penetrator Shield]]
[[Phaser Lance]] 
[[Truth Seeker Mecha]] 
[[Voyager's Mechanical Marines]] 
[[Wind Grasp]]




[[Katrina]] and [[Llachlan]]

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Series: Wonders of the House Presba
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Book 2: [[Transitions|transitions.html]]
Book 3: [[Encounters|presba_encounters.html]]
Book 4: Reflections [[Part 1|presba_reflections_one.html]] | [[Part 2|presba_reflections_two.html]]
Book 5: Diffraction
Book 6: Prism

TV Series: Voyager (with DS9 and [[ST:TNG]] Crossover)

WARNING: This Appendix contains spoilers! If you read the Appendix you may be spoiled for the stories! Let us re-emphasize: @@Spoilers AHEAD!!@@

Note: The alphabetizing rule followed in this appendix (when it’s alphabetized) is: Nothing before something. Thus Al’xandr comes before Alberts

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[[Universe Alpha]] – Ensign, [[Voyager]] 

[[Universe Alpha]] – [[Original Presban]] – Daughter of House Presba – Resides on [[Voyager]], Daughter of [[Samantha Wildman|Wildman, Samantha]].  She is seen as a sister of the [[Sochlings]]

[[Universe Gamma]] - similar in nature to Universe Alpha's Naomi. Their current distinguishing difference is a nickname and the fact that one of them has sharper teeth than the other.

[[Universe Alpha]] – [[Member of House Presba]] – Science Officer on board [[Voyager]] 

[[Universe Gamma]] - Science Officer on board Voyager
Zakeeri hand to hand martial art

[[Universe Beta]] 

Very successful Business Woman – Owns: Winn Aerotech. Winn Biosoft. Winn Unicorp - Resides Universe Beta: Alpha Quadrant: [[Bajor]] – [[Jalanda]]
Company owned by [[Winn Adami]]. T'Pel has invested in this company. Has contract with Klingon Empire for Mecha suits for the [[Presban Marines]]
Company owned by [[Winn Adami]].

[[Universe Beta]] – Winn Adami’s son, being groomed to take over the company- he’s not quite there yet. Resides Universe Beta: Alpha Quadrant: [[Bajor]] – [[Jalanda]]
Company owned by [[Winn Adami]].

Worf, son of Mogh, is also known as Worf Rozhenko. Three variants of this erstwhile Klingon have been encountered. He doesn't see to have much of a sense of humour in any of them.

[[Universe Alpha]]: Orphaned during the Khitomer Massacre, he was raised on Earth by the Rozhenkos. His son by [[K’Ehleyr]] is [[Alexander Rozhenko|Rozhenko, Alexander]]. In 2374, he married [[Jadzia Dax|Dax, Jadzia]], but became a widower less than a year later, when she and their unborn child were murdered. He was also romantically involved with [[Deanna Troi|Troi, Deanna]], whom he officially made Alexander's So'chim, and briefly with [[Ezri Dax|Dax, Ezri]]. Currently he is the Klingon Ambassador to the Federation, and holds the substantive rank of Commander in Starfleet. Worf was also the first Klingon to graduate from Starfleet Academy.

[[Universe Beta]]: Here Worf serves as the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire, and is a member of House Martok. His spouse is [[K’Ehleyr]], and they have four children, the oldest of whom is [[Al'xandr]].

Universal Variant(    ): In this Universe, he serves as the Captain of the USS Ro'keg, and is married to that universe's version of Deanna Troi with whom he has two children, a son, ~Eric-Christopher, and a daughter, Shannara. 

WotHP is short for: Wonders of the House Presba
Humanoid Delta Quadrant species distinguished by a mid-line forehead ridge. [[Azan|Hansen, Azan]] and [[Rebi|Hansen, Rebi]] Hansen are members of this species.

Clan Star Fists

[[Universe Alpha]]

Commander; Security on [[Voyager]], 
[[Yar, Tasha]] 
A board game with statue-like pieces. 
Bajoran creature similar to Vultures in nature.

[[Universe Beta]] – [[Orion Syndicate]] Assassin (Deceased)
''Usage notes:''

[[Universe Beta]] – Ambassador for Universe Beta – [[Klingon Empire]] – Mate to [[Kasala]]

Universe Variant ()

Alpha [[Voyager]]
Very small people, bipedal with four arms and a prehensile tail. Humanoid features, with pointy ears at the top of their head. Furred. Fierce warriors, but friendly and technologically advanced (though they may choose to live simply) - compatible culture to Federation and Klingon – Travel together in “mobs,” or via the friendly help of a companion species. Their height makes it easy for other species to underestimate them.
A very famous massively large forest that burned completely down to the ground in 2295 and took decades to even begin to recuperate.
Planet and System of the Zakeeri - Its oceans are purple and its land masses are golden or green, depending on the location. The atmosphere is breathable to humans, though the gravity is fairly steep for most.
Originating from Zakeer – Zakeer System. Tenacious fighters, warrior race, with a tradition of “hunting,” other species’ ships in order to “free” them. Felinoid, bipedal, sharp toothed, sharp clawed, shorter than the average human (1.08 meters high on average), very quick, visually appealing, pale skinned, originate from a heavy gravity world, fine featured with ornate natural markings. Clan based societies and relationships. Mated Bonds in Multiples – usually odd numbers. Have Living Ships which are counted as family and are considered Zakeeri.
Mates of the Blood – usually mated in odd numbers – the more mates, the more prestige, but number rarely exceeds 9. Number of mates usually indicates the size of the ship (in some way to the Zakeeri…) or the fleet, etc.
The [[Zakeeri]] Scouts are one subset of scout/fighter ships attached to Voyager. 
[[Trill]] ceremony for more fully bonding the host and the [[symbiont|Symbiont]] in a Trill Bond. Also known as the Rite of Closure, the current Host of a symbiont meets their symbiont's previous Hosts. The ceremony is facilitated by another Trill who is trained to act as Guardian, as well by other people agreeing to embody the previous Hosts. The zhian'tara is a mandatory event for all joined Trill, and usually takes place in the first couple of years after receiving the symbiont.

For example, during [[Jadzia's|Dax, Jadzia]] [[zhian'tara|Zhian'tara]], Ben Sisko acted as the Host for Joran Dax.
[[Holographic Person]]

[[Universe Alpha]] - (Dr.) (E.M.H.) – Medical Staff - Voyager’s only doctor for seven years – Commander – Resides on [[Voyager]]. Has chosen the first name Wiiliam.

[[Universe Gamma]] - M.H. - Medical Staff. Has chosen the first name Frank
[img[reflections front cover|reflectionsbookcoverb1.jpg]]
[img[reflections back cover|reflectionsbacka1.jpg]]
Klingon personal blade, usually always carried. Often completely and utterly mispelled by [[Katrina]], with no consistent butchering of the text. She doesn't know why. But she respects the blade.
Tiny spikes that are sometimes attached to dk-tahgs – act as both weapon and defense
[img[Kathryn Janeway|janeway091507b.jpg]]
[img[Seven of Nine|7of9092507b1.jpg]]
[img[Ezri Dax 2|ezri091607b.jpg]]
[img[Ezri Dax 1|ezri081607d.jpg]]
[img[B'Elanna Torres 1|bellanna128012008b1a.jpg]]
[img[Ylfian Engineer|ylfian28012008b.jpg]]
[img[Kathryn Janway after the Anomaly|kathryn28022008b.jpg]]