The Turbolift Tales

by Katrina

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Okay, main point:

Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager

Pairing: B'Elanna Torres/ Seven of Nine

Rating: NC17 to be on the safe side, but I think most could be read at work if you felt like it.

Disclaimer: Jungian consciousness yes. Fiscal ownership no. Storytelling tradition yes. Television rights no.

Archive: Yes, with permission please ( )


Story 1

Story 2

Story 3

Story 4

Story 5

Story 6


A very, very short Turbolift scene.

The door slides open.

Like it is supposed to. At freaking last.

She is there, sitting with tools in both hands and frustration boiling her
blood. Wires are crossed over her legs, like nesting snakes.

She looks up, blinking against the sudden light.

Seven of Nine steps in the Turbolift, nakeder than the day she was reanimated.
More beautiful than words can express.

People stare on the outside, but Seven doesn't care. She never cares who sees
her, except for one. She holds in her hand a cupcake with a lit candle.

“Happy Birthday, B'Elanna.”




Another Very, Very Short Turbolift Scene

The lift door open and B'Elanna peered down.

"How did you managed that?" There was awe in her voice.

Seven of Nine looked up and gave her a cross answer. "I am
efficient," she said peevishly. She had stopped her fall through the
floor at almost bosom height. Her arms were crossed in front of her,
acting as a barrier to more impromptu travel. She was uncomfortable,
unhurt, but stable. Then she complained. "My feet are dangling."

B'Elanna's expression softened. She looked back at the other engineers
who had helped her to pry the door open. "Give us a moment, will you?"
Then the Klingon leapt down until she was crouching in front of the
beautiful ex-drone.

B'Elanna decided just to do it. After all, how often did one get an
opportunity like this. It might be her only shot.

The half-Klingon leaned in quickly. A part of her noted the raised
eyebrows, the change in Seven of Nine's scent and heartbeat. She
disregarded that natural input enough to keep focus on her intent.
She pressed her lips against Seven's, felt that stunned hesitation and
then a gathering speed that made her pulse thunder.

It was hard to pull back.

She stared into glazed, vulnerable blue eyes. "Don't worry. I'll get
you out of here."

Seven of Nine said for an entirely different reason than she might
have meant earlier. "Hurry."




A sort of short turbolift story

(Racy. Technically safe for work. Technically.)

"Copulate." She tasted the word, pondered it. B'Elanna squinted. "I
don't know Seven. I just don't think it can be done. It's too harsh a

"I have found that many words related sex and love have a harsh
quality to them. Yet they are still found appealing at certain times.
For instance F..."

The turbolift doors slid open. Harry Kim glanced up from his PADD.

Ever blunt, Seven said, "We have been discussing whether 'copulate'
can be a sensual word."

Harry paled. "Uh. I think I'll catch the next lift." He stepped back
quickly and the lift doors swooshed shut.

"What was that about?"

"We have a history," Seven said mysteriously.

"You've had sex with Harry?!" B'Elanna wasn't sure whether to be
amused or outraged. She knew about Seven's experimental phase through
the rumor mill.

"No." Seven did not elucidate.

B'Elanna started to speak and then reconsidered. She took up their
original topic. "Look, I just think there are some words that you
can't make sexy. It's too scientific."

Seven of Nine, "Turbo lift halt. Lock state. Five minutes.
Authorization Seven Nine Omega One."

"Seven, what are you doing?"

"Demonstrating." The blonde woman was suddenly in B'Elanna's space.
The Klingon was aware of several things at once. She felt the heat
from Seven's proximity and a primal thrill at the hungry look that was
suddenly directed her way.

She took an unconscious step back, and realized that she was backed up
against the wall. "Uh, Seven?"

Seven placed her hands against the wall, one to each side of the
Klingon, trapping her. Then the blonde pressed her long, beautiful
body against B'Elanna's. The Klingon couldn't ever remember that
happening before. But she liked it as soon as it happened. She inhaled
and knew, absolutely knew, that she was scenting arousal – her own and
Seven of Nine's.

Seven lowered her head until her mouth was right against the Klingon's
ear. Her words were slow, sultry. "B'Elanna? I'd love to..." she drew
an earlobe into her mouth and tasted it for a moment. She bit it
lightly, then let it go. "... copulate with you. Do you want to..."
She drew her lips down along the Klingon's jaw and then up, until her
lips hovered over B'Elanna's. "...copulate with me?"

B'Elanna heard the blood thunder in her ears and opened her mouth,
only to have it captured in the kind of kiss one reads about in
romance novels. Her knees buckled and Seven caught her, held her up
and kept right on kissing her, until they were both completely
breathless. The ex-drone pulled away, slowly. She really didn't want
to stop, but the Turbolift started again.

She looked into brown eyes. "So?"

B'Elanna licked her lips and tried to form a coherent thought. She
took a breath, but leaned into the Seven. Then she took Seven of
Nine's face in her hands. The Turbolift door swooshed open as she
stated, "In the right context, the right sentence... the word
copulate is very hot. Say it to me again?" She dropped her hands and
wrapped her arms around Seven to pull her closer.

Seven whispered a full paragraph that included word, used only once,
against B'Elanna's lips. It was husky and barely audible, but she
described what she wanted to do with the Klingon in steamy detail.
Their lips touched and locked. There was the sound of cloth shredding
as B'Elanna's fingernails ripped the biosuit and dragged down Seven of
Nine's back.

Harry Kim, who had found himself at the turbolift again, this time
heading in the other direction, fainted. The turbolift doors finally
swooshed shut.




Romance in a Turbolift

"What are you doing here?"

"I was having a moment of privacy." Seven said archly. She laid the
PADD in her hand down on the ground by where she was sitting, "Until
you stepped in."

"Privacy? What do you mean?"

"I live in a Cargo Bay. I work in Astrometrics. I take a shower in
Sick Bay. I needed a moment and it is Gamma Shift. It is rare to
encounter people on this particular turbolift during Gamma Shift."

B'Elanna stood very still for a moment as she absorbed those details.

"You are blocking the door."

"Oh. Right. Uh. Mind if I come in."

"Of course not. It is a public utility."

B'Elanna stepped into the turbolift and tried to remember where she
had been going. Her mind was occupied with other things. "Why not the

"Both are currently occupied. I contemplated a jeffries tube, but
they are ... uncomfortable."

"Good point."

"So what are you doing?"

"Reading a romance novel." The doctor recommended I take up a hobby."
Seven of Nine lifted the PADD. "This allows me to study two subjects
at once."

"What are you reading?"

"The Hearts of a Warrior."

"You're reading a Klingon Romance Novel?"


There was a moment of silence. The turbolift still hadn't moved. "I
read that about six months ago. What part of the story are you at?"

"K'tag was about to slay the Dmarka."

"Ooh. That's a good bit. Very violent. It's even better in the holodeck."

"There is a holonovel?"

"Oh yeah." B'Elanna settled down besides the ex-drone. She began to
describe the holo-adventure in glorious, gory detail. Her hands moved
excitedly and her facial expressions were very animated. When she
neared the end of her description she was still carried away by
enthusiasm, "So. Do you want to try it?"

Seven of Nine was staring at her in wonder. "Try what?"

"The holonovel."

"I am... intrigued. Yes."

"Excellent. It's a date."

Seven paled. "A date."

"Yep. How about after Alpha shift? I'll make the reservation."

"I..." Seven of Nine decided to brave it. "Yes."


"Lieutenant Torres?"

"Call me B'Elanna."

"B'Elanna. Would you be willing to demonstrate something for me?
There is a... description here..." Seven of Nine picked up the PADD
and pressed a few times. "It was very intriguing, but... I realized
that I had nothing to compare it to."

She handed the PADD to the Klingon, who glanced at it and read the
lines. Then B'Elanna blushed. "Seven, I'm not sure I should be the one
to ..."

"Who else should I ask then?"

Oddly, everything within sight went a bit red for B'Elanna at that
question. Or rather at the hostile thoughts towards potential others
that the question brought to mind.

"B'Elanna. Are you all right?"

"Seven. I've changed my mind."

The blonde's expression changed from neutral to dismayed. "You do not
wish to share the holonovel program with me?"

"What? No. I mean...."

Too much talk. There was too much talk going on right now. She
grabbed the front of Seven of Nine's biosuit and physically hauled her
close. Then she pressed a long, sweet kiss against the softness of
Seven's lips. She felt a jolt of desire thrill through her just at
that touch and moaned. The kiss deepened and became even sweeter,
until she felt completely lost in it. She wasn't sure what brought her
out, but there was a sense of change somewhere.

Then she realized the Turbolift was moving.

She drew back and noticed that Seven's eyes had closed. The Klingon
whispered, "Does that help?"

Seven of Nine opened her eyes and stared into B'Elanna's. She spoke
huskily, "Oh yes. It does."

The door opened and B'Elanna realized she still hadn't let go of
Seven of Nine's biosuit. From a certain angle it probably looked like
she was tugging the Borg in for a fight. She turned and growled at the
poor crew person at the door. "This is a private turbolift. Find your

The confused being stepped out and away and the doors swooshed shut.

Then B'Elanna smiled at her Borg. "We're going to have to find you
better accommodations. Gamma shift is way too busy."




A little fishing in a turbolift

It was towards the end of the Beta shift. Things were beginning to
quiet down as "evening," descended upon the ship. Lights lowered in
the corridors, sound softened and the usual rush of people, which was
common during the early part of the shift, slowed.

Seven of Nine waited patiently for the turbolift. The captain had
invited the young woman to join herself and a few select others on a
fishing trip. She had set specifications for appropriate costumes for
the adventure and thus, Seven of Nine was dressed in "shorts, shirt
and tennis shoes." She also had on a hat with a brim and carried a
fishing rod, sans string. That string and lure had been provided by
the program.

It had been an interesting venture and Seven of Nine had enjoyed the
solitude of the lake, which the captain had chosen. But there had also
been a certain amount of tedium involved. The Borg had admitted, when
pressed, that she preferred Klingon holo-novels, since they were
more... energetic.

The captain had quipped that perhaps they ought to stick to velocity
from then on. Seven had agreed. Though she knew that the older woman
would want to try another holographic adventure at another time. It
was the nature of humans to enjoy variety.

The turbolift door opened, finally, and Seven of Nine stepped in
before it registered that there was a very irate Klingon on board.
The doors had shut and the lift had continued it's originally queued
journey. "Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres," Seven greeted the other woman.
It wasn't exactly cordial, but Seven had found that it sufficed.

When she realized that the Lieutenant wasn't going to answer, Seven
stepped further into the lift and then turned around to face the door.
A part of her processed what she observed, another processed possible
protocols for response. Finally she fell back on the Doctor's
instructions. "How are you?"

She said it without even looking at the Klingon as a formality.

"You want to know how I feel, Borg. I'll tell you. That rotten, no
good, son of a..." Seven of Nine was not ready for the language that
followed next, as B'Elanna Torres started off.

The ex-drone abruptly held up a hand. "Wait," she commanded.

The Lieutenant stammered to a halt. Seven of Nine halted the
turbolift and blocked it from traveling. Then she turned to the
Klingon and gave B'Elanna her full attention. This meant, of course,
that she took her usual stance, but it also meant that there was eye
contact. "Now. I am ready to listen."

B'Elanna opened her mouth to start again, but her train of thought had
been seriously derailed when she'd finally registered Seven's attire.

"You look different."

"The captain wished to go on a fishing trip. But that is unimportant.
You are more important than my state of dress."

B'Elanna blinked. "I am?"

Seven of Nine nodded. "You are." Then she continued. "I am prepared to
listen to you ...." she searched for the proper word. "... cuss about
Tom Paris now. Please continue."

B'Elanna started and then stopped. She grimaced. "It's... he's..." She
took a really good look at Seven. She was registering every curve and
pleasant swell. "You look really, very nice."

Seven looked down a herself and again fell back into protocol. "Thank
you. Do you not wish to discuss Tom Paris then?"


Seven of Nine observed several data points about B'Elanna in that
moment. First she was dressed in a skimpy black dress with heels.
Second, her breathing, scent, heartbeat and eye dilation had altered.
Finally, there was the way that B'Elanna was staring at Seven.

Borg weren't known for prevarication, but at the same time she
recalled that abortive attempt to communicate with others on board.

Still it might be interesting to see if Klingons responded differently.

"Lieutenant Torres. Are you attracted to me?"

There, the cast was made.

The Klingon swallowed and looked up at the Borg.

Seven expected... she wasn't sure what to expect. Humans tended to
lie when she asked that question, but their lies or their
prevarications were often interesting and "off the cuff." They usually
spoke before they realized that they had moved into denial. B'Elanna
Torres had yet to speak and it was as if she were evaluating the
question, rather than the questioner.

Or maybe she was evaluating both to arrive at an answer.

Finally she took the bait and answered. "Yes. I am."

Seven felt a warmth of affection spread in her chest. "Then," she
started reasonably. "Why are you worried about Tom Paris?" She looked
at the Klingon, up and down. "You are beautiful and a worthy potential
mate. If he is too stupid to treat you well, then he is an idiot. On
the other hand, if you wish company for the rest of the evening, I am

Seven wasn't sure, but she thought the Klingon stopped breathing for a
moment. The B'Elanna leapt at her. Seven instinctively dropped the
fishing rod and caught the smaller woman in her arms. The Klingon's
legs wrapped around Seven's waist. Her arms wrapped around Seven's
shoulders. Her face was just inches away from Seven's face.

"Have you ever kissed anyone Seven?"

Seven of Nine contemplated the question. "Clarify please? There are
many types of kisses. When I was a child my parents..." Her mouth was
suddenly, abruptly covered by the other woman's. Seven's eyebrows
rose and then her eyelids closed as pure sensation took over. It was
over much too soon, but Seven did have a reply. "No. I have never
kissed anyone like that before."

"Good," said the Klingon roughly. B'Elanna overrode the turbolift halt
and lock and gave it a new destination. "Do you want to come to my
place and kiss like that some more?"



"B'Elanna, I will kiss you any where and any time you want," the
beautiful blonde said most sincerely.

"That's what I was hoping you'd say." Then the Klingon laughed and
kissed her Borg one more time for luck and it was Seven of Nine who
was caught.




Thanks for the Memories

The away team split up, with orders to stay within one kilometer of
one another. The planetoid was deemed somewhat non-hostile as it was
uninhabited by intelligent life. On the other hand, there were plenty
of wild animals and strange plant-life of which to be wary.

B'Elanna and Ensign Chase went south, while the others, including
Seven of Nine went in other directions. They were searching for
various mineral deposits and had their tricorders out. The
exploration was methodical and in B'Elanna's and Ensign Chase's case,

They encountered a large plant, tripped over its roots, and set off an
explosion of pollen right in their faces.

Seven of Nine and her partner were the ones who found them walking
around delirious and forgetful. They got them transported back up to

The away mission was cut short.

Later Seven of Nine, for her peace of mind, went to check on the
Lieutenant. The Klingon had been acting very strangely and, while she
could have just used the combadge, Seven knew that a personal visit
would allow her to set aside any reservations.

She made her way down the corridor and waited by the turbolift door
while the in-board transport made some other journey. It chimed and
the doors whooshed open. Seven of Nine's eyes widened. "Lieutenant

"Hi. Uh...what was that again?" B'Elanna narrowed her gaze at the
gorgeous woman before her. "Oh. Yeah. Seven."

"You remember me?"

"Well, yes... I mean, no. But I remember you from when you rescued us."

"Ah. I see. I thought you would be in Sickbay."

"The Doc sent us home. He thought... familiar things might help.
Either that or the pollen effect will eventually disperse."

"I see. So it was the flower?"

"Yeah, some sort of... allergic reaction I guess." The Klingon woman
smiled whimsically. "Though personally, I think I would have preferred
sneezing." B'Elanna looked Seven of Nine up and down. "Aren't you
going to come in?"

"Oh." The cybernetically enhanced woman stepped into the lift and the
doors shut behind her. She then took a place far to the corner, away
from the Klingon.

"What? Do I stink?" asked the feisty brunette acerbically. She watched
in fascination as the the composed blonde sniffed the air.

"I believe your scent to be pleasant, Lieutenant Torres."

The Klingon couldn't decide which impulse to run with first, but
decided on information seeking. "Then why are you standing way over

"We agreed."

"We did?"

"Yes. You said that I drive you crazy and you needed me to stand over

"I did?"


"Was that the only reason I gave?"

"There were certain motivations for the request, but the phrasing is

"I see." B'Elanna gave the Borg a speculative look. "You drive me
crazy? Can you tell me how you drive me crazy?"

The blonde turned to face the Klingon, "When I am near you, your pulse
rate heightens and your physiology changes. I believe there is a ...
hormonal flush... and then you find it difficult to control yourself
around me. It often starts before I even enter a room. We often engage

"Whoa. Stop." B'Elanna turned around and really looked at the blonde
and then, she listened to herself, the way her hearts beat, the rush
of sensory input. She grinned wolfishly. "You're right. You do drive
me crazy."

The statuesque woman nodded serenely. "Now you see. I will continue to
stand over here."



"Nope. I need you over here."

"You need me?"

"I do. Right now."

"Lieutenant ..."

"Don't you know my first name?"

"Of course."

"Then call me by my first name, and step on over here."

"B'Elanna. I do not think it is wise..."

There was a rumbling noise, a growl. "Woman, I need you. Here. Now."

The blonde suddenly clued to the fact that there was a double
conversation occurring. "B'Elanna I believe there has been a ..."

"Do you want me or not, Seven? Or do you think I don't know that I
make you crazy too." The Klingon took a long deep inhale. "I make you
very... needful, don't I?"

The blonde swallowed. "Daily."

The Klingon pointed her hand to a place besides her. "Come here, Seven."

Seven of Nine hesitantly made the step forward. It was enough of an
indication for the Klingon that she met her halfway.

B'Elanna wrapped her arms around Seven of Nine's waist and drew her
near. "Now. Isn't this better than staying way over there?"

"I... uh... Yes."

"Seven, you do know where my quarters are, don't you?"

"Of course..."

"Oh good. Could you tell the turbolift to take us to that floor."

Seven of Nine made the command.

"Good. Now. Let's see what we can do with the time." B'Elanna brought
a hand up to the back of Seven's neck and pressed the other woman's
face down, until their lips were touching. She pressed up and suddenly
they were kissing, warmly and deeply. "Mmm. Yes. I think I'm beginning
to remember now."

"B'Elanna we've ne..."

"Shh. Not now. Kiss me some more. These are some good memories we're

"I...OH. Oh. I see. Yes." The blonde leaned against the smaller
brunette, letting her lips be claimed again until she felt unsteady on
her feet and desire pulsing through her. "B'Elanna..." she husked. "I
do not have the strength to say no to you about this. And there is..."

"Then don't." The Klingon pulled Seven closer, pressed her leg between
Seven's thighs. "This is... better." She nibbled a plump lip, kissed
Seven again and settled her hands on the other woman's hips. "We
should have done this a long time ago."

Seven's eyes opened. "You remember."

"Maybe." B'Elanna Torres wasn't going to tell, just yet. "From now on,
Seven, you stand by me. When you see me, you greet me with a kiss.
When I see you, I will greet you with a kiss."

"I would...I would very much like that." Seven of Nine struggled. But
she was an honest woman. "Lieutenant Paris has..."

"No claim on me. We broke up a week ago." The Klingon rocked Seven's
hips on her thigh. The blonde's eyes went wide. Her lips pursed in
surprise, inviting another steamy kiss.

"I... Oh." Seven's willpower completely crumbled under the tender
assault. She returned the kiss in full force, forgetting where she
was for the moment.

The turbolift doors opened and the chime rang. B'Elanna withdrew
gently from the kiss. "Our floor Seven."


"Don't you remember? You live with me now." B'Elanna took Seven's
hand and began to lead her out of the lift. "We'll make new, better
memories," she promised.

And they did.



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