The Tale of Flopsy Cottontail

Chris M.

Parental Advisory : This is not (entirely) a harmless little story about fuzzy bunnies. Parents, please read this before letting any children read it. Trust me on this. See the notes at the end for more info.

Alt/Gen Disclaimer : A Gen-Fic with a trio of cute bunnies... but it's a Halloween story, too.

Xenite Disclaimer : Gabrielle's neck was not severely harmed during the production of this fanfic.

It's story time children...

Are you ready?

Good. Let's begin...

This is the story of Flopsy Cottontail, a cute little bunny who lived long ago in a far away country known as Greece.

Flopsy was a fluffy little bunny with soft, pretty fur and a cute puffy white tail. She loved to play in the sun and frolic in her home, an adorable little sun- drenched glade. The glade was in the middle of a small forest that was ever so beautiful, with many large, pretty trees, lots of nice sweet grass to eat, and sweet music that played on and on. There, she lived with her two brothers, Mopsy and Petrus, and the trio loved to romp to the music, hippity hopping here and there through the forest all the day long.

But then one day everything changed. The music that the bunnies loved so much stopped, and big, dangerous wolves began to roam the forest. The forest was now a dark, frightening place, and the three cuddly bunnies were afraid. Rabbits weren't the brightest creatures in Zeus' world, but even they made the connection and knew what they had to do.

Flopsy's brave oldest brother Petrus, the biggest of the three Cottontail bunnies said, "I'll get the music back, and then the forest will be safe once more." And he hopped off into the woods. Poor Petrus; he wasn't very smart. He went into the woods without watching for wolves. He left the glade just as a great big wolf was passing by. It swallowed him up in one bite of its wicked jaws, and Petrus was no more.

Flopsy and Mopsy cried and cried as they mourned their brother, but they knew they had to do something; the wolves were roaming the forest throughout the day and night, and they were very frightened.

Mopsy, her other brother, said, "I'll get the music back." Mopsy was very careful, and avoided the wolves. But just as he left the forest, a shiny metal disc beheaded him. A big human with a very small knife cut him and up and served him to two women for supper. Poor Mopsy - but at least the humans found him delicious!

That left only little Flopsy. She was all alone. She wandered through the forest, feeling so sad and lonely. And then... the music!

It didn't sound quite the same. It was off-key, and sounded more like a music school student who had dropped out during the first year's pathetic attempts to earn money playing for pocket change outside an amphitheater... But it was music! With hope blooming in her little bunny heart, Flopsy hopped towards the source of the music.

Flopsy hurried as fast as her little paws could carry her, hopping over tree roots and around big rocks and through the bushes until she came to the mouth of a cave. It was dark, and scary, and strange sounds came out of it. Little Flopsy was afraid, but she knew she had to find the music. Gathering up all her courage, she went into the dark, dark cave.

The cave opened up onto a passage, leading deep into the bowels of the earth, and at the end of the passage was a very dark, scary room. It was a bad place, with little fires burning here and there, and many loud noises, and was full of things that looked like humans, but smelled like the wolves, with the stench of blood and death lingering about their pale, pale bodies.

She was so frightened! She ran into a small hole in the wall and hid her head under a paw while the things screamed at each other and ran back and forth. Strange noises and smells crept into Flopsy's little hidey-hole, and she shivered in fear, but she didn't run away.

Finally there was the biggest noise of all, and it looked for a moment like the sun had come out in the middle of this deep, dark cave, the flames were so bright... and then it got very, very quiet... and the bad smells all went away... and all that she could smell were humans.

Very carefully she peeked out of her little hole and was amazed : the human with the small knife, and the two women who had eaten her brother were herding a bunch of other women out of the cave... and the music was back! Flopsy was so happy! She stayed where she was, though. After poor Mopsy had been eaten, she knew she should stay away from humans, no matter how friendly they looked.

When all the people were gone, the music stopped. Flopsy crept out of her hole and jumped for joy. She had been frightened, but she was still alive, and had gotten to hear the music once more. Despite her joy, the little bunny still felt a little sad; her brothers wouldn't get to listen to the music ever again, but maybe it would come back again for her to gambol to, since the bad smelling things were gone from the cave.

Suddenly she realized something. Little Flopsy had been so scared, and then so excited, she had completely forgotten to eat! Her stomach was all growly and empty, and she didn't think she could make it back to her home glade; she was so hungry her round little tummy hurt. Her cute little pink nose wrinkled as she sniffed all around the dark cave searching for something good to eat.

She looked and sniffed all around. She looked next to the big stone chair, and under the many piles of old, dried bones, and even under a mound of dirty leather clothing next to a stinky bed, but nowhere could she find something to eat. She started to get sad as her tummy grumbled, but then she caught a faint scent.

She hopped across the floor of the cave and found an adorable little plant. It grew from a small crack in the stone floor and it smelled so good. She didn't even care that it was right next to a shiny metal human object (a goblet) lying on the floor - she was too hungry. She hurried to the plant and started eating, not even noticing the dark fluid that stained its leaves. It tasted so good she ate every bite, even licking the ground after she'd finished the plant to make sure she had gotten every last bit of the wonderful plant.

Flopsy burped. She was a young bunny after all, and didn't know any better. She happily hopped back to the glade, feeling much better. She was so happy and full, she never even noticed how high she was jumping, and how much better she could see and hear, but she did notice that all the wolves were gone, and the forest was nice and friendly once more.

She went back to her home and laid down in a soft bed of grass and took a little nap, tuckered out after her long adventure, and sad because of her missing brothers, but still confident that things would work out now that the wolves and the bad things were all gone.

The next morning, Flopsy awoke with a jerk. No, the man with the tiny knife wasn't back - the music was back. But it was terrible! The music that she and her brothers used to love now hurt her poor little ears. She squealed in pain, and hopped as fast as she could, running far, far away to escape the sound of the music.

Poor Flopsy was so upset. She wandered about feeling sad. She was all alone... she couldn't stand the music she used to love... and none of the other bunnies wanted to play with her anymore. They ran away and wouldn't play with her, no matter where she went, or how she pleaded, and none of the boy rabbits wanted to be her special friend. Even the grass didn't taste as good as it used to!

Poor Flopsy!

Flopsy moped and roamed all around the countryside, looking for something to do, and some bunnies who would be her friends. She went here and there, up and down, and even all around the country, staying away from wolves and humans, but she never felt happy.

Until one day, while Flopsy was nibbling on some tender grass shoots, she smelled a human. Actually, she smelled slightly different from other humans. Her cute little nose was much more sensitive since leaving her home, and she could tell she smelled a little like a human, and a little like one of the bad things from the cave. Curious, she hopped over to see the human who smelled like that... and standing there in front of her was one of the women who had eaten her poor brother.

Now, remember, bunnies don't usually hate - they are too cute and cuddly, and friendly; but little Flopsy had been very sad and alone for a very long time. She looked up at the strange-smelling human and snarled, her little teeth growing bigger and sharper as her nose drank in her scent, and she remembered what the woman had done to poor Mopsy.

The woman came closer, leaning down to see her better, and she could tell she wanted to eat her too. Flopsy's lips drew back from the sharp, pointy fangs filling her mouth and she snarled, her eyes turning yellow, though neither she nor the human could see it. She waited until the human got even closer...

...and then she pounced on her throat!

Flopsy bit the woman on the neck feeling the human's blood flow over her cute little muzzle as she tried to reach the vein pulsing just below the skin. She didn't know how she knew to do this, but she did... and it felt so right.

The woman spun and spun, making the bunny very dizzy, but she didn't care. She bit again and again, tasting more and more of the woman's sweet blood. It tasted so good! It was ever so much better than grass! It tasted just like that wonderful tasting plant had tasted back in that deep, dark cave.

The woman hit the bunny again and again with her fist, but Flopsy just continued to lap up the blood flowing from the tiny bunny bites in the soft skin of her neck, growing stronger and stronger with each delicate slurp she drank from the neck of the strange-smelling woman.

Finally the woman managed to pull the rabbit free. She ran away screaming, wiping the blood from her neck, and leaving Flopsy lying sated in the grass. Flopsy's little bunny heart was glad.

She licked her lips clean, and tasted the delicious blood once more, and felt happy all over again. She felt so strong and good! She'd show those bad humans that they couldn't mess around with bunnies any more. She'd teach them not to eat sweet little rabbits like her brother Mopsy ever again! Humans would no longer split hares with impunity!

Flopsy felt so strong and light, with a howl of joy, she jumped up... and kept going. She flew up into the trees and headed off towards the sunset, searching for more humans... and more of their delicious blood.

So if you're wandering in the woods and happen to see a cute little bunny... be very, very careful, and keep a dryad bone handy... for it might not just be a fluffy little bunny after all; it might be Flopsy Cottontail - the Bacchae Bunny!

The End

Happy Halloween!

Author's note : I couldn't help myself... I had to write this after watching "In Sickness and In Hell" again. Halloween is in the air, and a young Xenite's fancy turns to thoughts of bacchae...

Notes on parental advisory : When I was in elementary school, my Grandmother took me to see a film called "Glacier Fox." For the first hour it was a cute nature documentary about a family of adorable baby foxes living in the far north and the love and bonding and fun they had with their mother. Then they all die horribly in the last half hour of the movie. Gods, it gave me nightmares for weeks. I know fables and fairy tales are grisly for a reason, but I don't want any nightmares on my conscience. PLEASE read this before letting your kids read it. Thanks.

Feedback Request : Let me know what you think.

Have a happy and safe halloween, and beware...

of bunnies! Bwa-ha ha ha! (Maniacal laughter)

- Chris M.

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