The Gift

- A Wildside Story

by Stormwolff

The following is a bit of alternative fiction based on certain characters from the Xenaverse. It is not meant to infringe on anyone else's rights. If you don't agree or disapprove, please go read something else.

Remember, this is all meant in fun!

The cloth was soft around her eyes.

"Do you trust me?" Words whispered.



She felt her hands being lifted in front of her, and the soft fur of the leather cuffs tickled her wrist. She stood, waiting. Her breathing was loud in her ears, and the scent of her lover filled her with its heady perfume. She felt the tug, and walked forward cautiously. She trusted her lover, it was true. She would go to the ends of the earth and back with her. And had....

She felt her lover halt, and then gently guide her to a certain standing spot. "Raise your arms." It was a command, softly spoken. She did as she was bid, and she felt the cuffs slip onto the hook above her. It was just high enough to stretch her body out, but not enough so that she had to stand on tiptoe. She was open, her body relaxed but quivering with anticipation. This was her first time...

She heard the low chuckle from her lover. Knew she was standing behind her, could just feel the warmth of her body. "Oh my dear. You are so very, very beautiful. Do you know that?" The words brought a flush to her skin, and answering heat from between her legs. She sighed as she felt fingers lightly trace the muscles in her back. "Such soft skin," a nip on her neck and an answering gasp, "such a willing body..."

Her lover moved again. She could tell. There was a shift in the air currents, and the lightest of steps. Oh, she was a quiet one. "Your breasts," her lover now stood before her, "are marvelous. Just made for touching..." She gasped as she felt fingers circling her nipples, teasing lightly with flicks of the thumb. "...And licking..." A low moan as the tongue began swabbing her right nipple in long strokes, the moving to the left. "...And sucking..." She felt the mouth take in her stiff peak, and suckle it until she saw stars. Then the entire process repeated. "And...this..." A yelp as the cold metal gripped first one, then the other sensitized bud in its icy grasp. The pain wasn't...intense, per se...but it was constant...more like a pinch applied too long...the aching of her nipples set off a stream that flowed through the curls at her very core.

Her lover chuckled again. "Like that do you?" The question made her blush. "Oh, donít try to deny it. I can see by the expression on your face." A sharp intake of breath as she felt the clamps tugged on, felt the pain sharpen. "Oh like that." A cry ripped from her throat as she felt the light touch at her center, swirling the slickness around.


"Not yet."

She whimpered as the hand withdrew. Soft footfalls padded away from where she stood. Her body hummed, her breathing harsh and sharp, heart pounding in her chest. She knew what was coming, and it filled her with dread and joy and fear and lust and gods she wanted it so bad....

"Are you ready?"

"Yes..." Her voice a throaty whisper.

She heard the sting before she felt it. The sharp crack that resounded in her ears, the pinpoint center of feeling that flamed up and sent her breath from her and made her back arch away, only to fall back for more. Again the whip kissed the skin of her back, and again she jerked. Soon, her flesh felt like it was on fire, the whip singing through the air time and again. Her breathing came in ragged sobs now, the ache between her legs intensifying with each passing second. She couldnít hold out much longer. She hungered, oh she needed...



"Please what?"


"Oh gods, PLEASE!"


"PLEASE what?"


"Fuck me."

The whip stopped falling. She heard through the roaring of the blood in her ears the footfalls getting closer. The rough jerk of the chain attached to the clamps that sent fresh sensations of pain through her body. "What did you say?"

"Please. Fuck me....please...please...."

That low chuckle again. "I thought thatís what you said."

She felt the fingers between her legs and she shifted her weight and spread her legs as wide as she could without putting undue strain on her arms. She felt the fingers sliding through her slickness, and the low moan of her lover sent thrills through her body just as surely as the touch. "You're so want this so bad, don't you?"

It was a sob. "Yes!"

"Good." The fingers paused, just at the entrance. "So do I."

A cry of pleasure tore through her as she felt her lover's fingers plunge inside her. She was filled to her very depths, the fire blazing high and bright. Only to blaze higher as the clamps were swiftly removed from her nipples (which caused her body to jerk, which caused the fingers inside her to press ever deeper) to be replaced by a hot mouth and soothing tongue. They found the rhythm together, and her hips ground and thrust against the touch inside her.



Colors exploded behind her eyes as she was filled. Her lover's hand buried deep inside, thrusting, pulling, thrusting again. She was on the edge, teetering between now and sweet oblivion. Her hips moved faster and faster, the pace set matched by the hand that loved her oh so well. She felt her walls crumbling, and knew that should her lover choose to, she could take her very soul into the palm of her hand. Her cries were loud and long now, her body striving for that final moment.


That one word sent her over the brink and into the fire as her orgasm roared through her. Muscles clamping, liquid silk running down her lover's arm. A Name howled to the stars. Then, bliss. Drifting in the afterglow, she was vaguely aware of cuffs being released, of her body being gently lowered, of the cloth that had masked her eyes being removed. She blinked at the newfound brightness, and found herself staring into green eyes that glittered love and joy and passion.

"Happy Birthday Xena," Gabrielle whispered....

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